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Philipp Lahm: The DFB-Genscher

Many thanks to my German friend, Josie, for translating the interview. I have made some changes to it, but the bulk of work is hers, and I’m grateful. Any use of this translation without my permission and the link to this blog is forbidden. (c) unavis This is one of those two articles that, surprisingly […]

Lahm at a press conference: “Friendly, clever, eloquent”

I have a feeling that people sometimes forget one thing: it is important to be more than an ordinary player, more than an ordinary person, to become a captain. They concentrate on whether or not a particular person shouts at his teammates or kicks players of the opposite team. They forget that being a captain […]

FC Bayern vs. Köln (February 5th, 2011)

Last weekend FC Bayern played again FC Köln (Cologne) and… they lost. They lost to the team whose good standing is left to be desired for. However, the final score is 2-3. After leading in the first half (2-0), FC Bayern went to a half-time break as potential winners. I’m afraid they forgot that there […]

Lahm backs out: uhm… wait a minute…

Here it is… The article that convinced me that I should say something back. To the emptiness, yes, but at least say something. The original can be found here The article points out that Lahm did a “surprising backing out” with regard to his wish to stay Germany’s captain. I have to admit that I […]