Lahm at a press conference: “Friendly, clever, eloquent”

I have a feeling that people sometimes forget one thing: it is important to be more than an ordinary player, more than an ordinary person, to become a captain. They concentrate on whether or not a particular person shouts at his teammates or kicks players of the opposite team. They forget that being a captain means representing one’s team not only on the field but off the field as well.

Yesterday Lahm and the head coach of the German national team, Joachim Löw, attended a press conference to discuss the upcoming friendly match (today) between die Mannschaft and the Italian national football team. After watching the broadcast, I was under the impression that it went pretty good. Very relaxed, great atmosphere. (The “captaincy” questions were kept by those present to a minimum, and that was something totally new :D ) Several hours later an article appeared that was concentrated, for the most part, on Philipp. It’s a brilliant piece! That is not something that one sees often these days, as it seems like in every article Lahm and Schweinsteiger come as a unit, two for a price of one.  Moreover, the article concentrated on Lahm’s personality more than on his performance. Again, something that is quite rare. The three words serving as a title for this post are employed to describe him. And I was ready to scream at the top of my lungs, “Finally!” Or, perhaps, I should have screamed, “That’s more like it!” These words are words that express perfectly how I would describe Philipp. And I wish more people remembered that those qualities are great for a person to have. Germany has an intelligent and poised captain, and I hope more people will realize it soon. Football skills and a great personality, both things are of equal importance. Those few journalists who have taken a trouble of actually looking at Philipp as a person always point out that he is smart and eloquent, diplomatic and logical. Aren’t those qualities important? I believe they are. He is a charismatic individual. Yes, I believe that being charismatic doesn’t always imply being loud, being in a limelight, or perhaps, showing off unconsciously.

The original can be found here

I will make a separate post, in which I’ll analyze it step by step.


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