Monthly Archives: March 2011

New coach for Bayern and upcoming changes

Today quite a few articles with the same title could be seen: “Lahm is going to play on the left side again!” It sounded like the Martians had landed and started taking over our cities. I smiled to myself, thinking, “You don’t say! Really?” Lahm has already played on both sides, depending on what the […]

Bayern vs. Freiburg: Goooo Bayern!

Bayern played against Freiburg on Saturday. Bayern began very well. Their style of play was so compact that I was afraid they would lose the ball somewhere along the way. However, I was happy to see their enthusiasm (especially after Inter) and a direction in their game. Mario’s amazing goal, and I cheered with the […]

The video from a training session

Here is an interesting video from Bayern‘s training session after the defeat by Inter. For one, I had no idea they have a volleyball court right there. Second, I had no idea they were even allowed to play something else than football. (I realize it sounds so ignorant.) Two things: 1) The score becomes 3:2, […]

Lahm and his upcoming book

The online magazine Merkur ( reports that Lahm has a book coming up. Well, perhaps it’s better to say it’s a book about him. Frankly, I was surprised to hear that :) I wonder how it will be called. Lahm read an excerpt to a small circle on Wednesday evening, a day after Inter, I […]

Post-“Inter”: A picture

Poor Mario… He was visibly upset. And Philipp, like a true captain, was there to find the right words, even though he was very disappointed himself.


Bayern wasn’t able to get into the next round (1/4 finals) of the Champions League. There. I said it. It feels nice to get it out of my system three days later. On Tuesday, March 15th, Bayern lost 2:3 to Inter. I wasn’t able to watch the game, but from what I have heard so […]

Lahm’s 100th consecutive match and other matters

Bayern‘s match against Hamburger SV was absolutely phenomenal! The fans had waited for it for over three weeks. One could see that Bayern was motivated beyond belief to get those three points! And they succeeded. From the very first minute, they kept pressuring the opponent, trying to sustain a high pace of their game. If […]