“Hannover 96”, “Bayern”‘s hope… All we can do is wait.

I thought it was impossible to give a performance that would be worse than that in the match against Schalke 04. But apparently it was possible. The match between FC Bayern and Hannover 96 started out good. I was even hoping that at the end I would say, “They were moving much faster than in the last game.” I was quickly proven wrong. Right there, that very minute. Bayern lost possession of the ball, and they were not able to regain it. Before the first goal was conceded by Bayern, I had a feeling it would happen. Frankly, it was more than a feeling. It was there, in the game. Lahm moved too far up his side for him to come back fast in case his team lost the ball. That is exactly what happened. When I say one of Hannover‘s players running down the right side, and Pranjic running after him, I thought, “Hannover 96 will score.” And they did. Granted, Bayern managed to score one, too. I am not entirely sure as to how that happened. “By all accounts, it doesn’t make sense.” ((c) The Emperor’s New Groove) With my excitement revitalized, I kept on hoping that the game would be turned around. After all, we had so much time to accomplish that. Instead, we lost 1:3.

This match was not Philipp’s best by far. He got lost on the field. I cannot even come up with one moment of him standing out in Bayern‘s mass and, for that matter, Bayern‘s mess.  In the previous two games it was he who tried to regenerate Bayern‘s attack, not to mention keeping the defense together. Perhaps, he got tired. Afterward, he gave an interview and was asked several questions, some of them pertaining to Louis van Gaal’s future with Bayern. Lahm made it clear that it is not his job to talk about the coach’s future, that the decision remains with the management and the board. He looked exhausted, and when I say ‘exhausted’, I mean he looked tired to the extent that his skin looked gray , and he had dark circles under his eyes. He was himself, that is to say composed, precise in his answers. However, one cannot help but notice that he was upset. ‘Fiery’ so? No. There was no trace of frustration, something that pushes people to go further, to prove everyone wrong. It was like he had run out of theories to explain Bayern‘s current situation. Just a glimpse of hopelessness and disappointment in his eyes. He mentioned that now Bayern is not even sure if they could achieve their minimum goal for the season, i.e. the Champions League. I have to admit that just a thought of them not playing in the Champions League next year scares me. Bayern does not belong in the Europa League. It would be like stop drinking expensive wine and start drinking cheap grape juice. Something is wrong, and I do not know what it is. How did the team end where it is now, after beating Inter demonstrating amazing football? It is still a mystery to me.

Louis van Gaal’s coach will be decided tomorrow or perhaps later on in the week. Whatever the decision will be, I hope it benefits Bayern. The match against Inter is coming up in ten days.


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