Lahm’s 100th consecutive match and other matters

Bayern‘s match against Hamburger SV was absolutely phenomenal! The fans had waited for it for over three weeks. One could see that Bayern was motivated beyond belief to get those three points! And they succeeded. From the very first minute, they kept pressuring the opponent, trying to sustain a high pace of their game. If the ball was out, they got it back into the game very quickly. After Robben’s goal and 1:0 before the half-time, who would have thought that Bayern would end up scoring four more goals, and Hamburger SV would “reward” them with an auto-goal, which would become the sixth? An absolutely fantastic performance by Bayern. Well-played. The team worked together, and the communication between the players was as precise as ever. Nevertheless, Hamburger SV did create several moments in their attempts to advance and change the score. Around the 17th minute, Guerrero got a pass from this teammate. Positioned closer to the center, he was out of reach for Bayern‘s defense on the left and ran at full speed in the direction of Thomas Craft (Bayern‘s goalkeeper). Lahm’s reaction, persistence, and speed allowed him – from his position quite away –  to get just in time in front of the opponent to, first, not allow Guerrero to complete the deed, and, second, to create enough commotion for Gustavo to come to the rescue.  The commentator on ESPN gave credit to Gustavo, but I am sure I’m not alone in my opinion when I say the following: hadn’t it been for Lahm’s effort to save the day, there would have been no Gustavo’s clearance. Guerrero would have scored for sure. Hence, beautiful, Lahm!

The result: Robben’s hat-trick, Ribéry’s goal, Müller’s goal, and an auto-goal from Heiko Westermann of Hamburger SV.

The photo that depicts Lahm hugging and congratulating Robben after Robben’s second and, may I say, unexpected to all, Robben included, goal is all over the internet. It just symbolizes how much they all needed this victory. In fact, how much all of us needed it.

Lahm and Robben celebrating Robben's second goal against "Hamburger SV", March 12th, 2011

On the 87th minute, when the score was 6:0, a long cross from Toni Kroos to Lahm on the right… Lahm gets to the ball in time, running at full speed, snatching it in midair, but slips a bit and falls on the grass, laughing, to the home crowd’s supportive disappointed “aww”s that were  followed up by their cheers and applause. Laughing himself, the commentator pointed out, “Philipp Lahm, must be feeling absolutely weary. What a way to celebrate your one hundred consecutive game in all competitions with a 6:0 victory!”

And that was such a precious moment, to see him laugh and be happy after weeks of disappointment!

I would like to congratulate Philipp Lahm, the captain of both FC Bayern and the German national football team, on his 1ooth consecutive match in the starting line-up of Bayern! This is huge, ladies and gentlemen. I wish the Captain all the best! May he be healthy, happy, and as amazing as ever! Weiter so, Philipp!

PS.: If the team loses, it is the captain’s  (read: Lahm’s) fault that he had not motivated them, as in he had not made sure the team was in the right mood. If they win, it is all about Robben’s or Ribéry’s leadership skills. What happened to the motivation factor? Why does no one speak of the fact that, perhaps, it was the captain who had motivated them?.. Something to think about.


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