Bayern wasn’t able to get into the next round (1/4 finals) of the Champions League. There. I said it. It feels nice to get it out of my system three days later. On Tuesday, March 15th, Bayern lost 2:3 to Inter. I wasn’t able to watch the game, but from what I have heard so far, the first half was absolutely stunning. Bayern was “flying” all over the field. They had a spark in their eyes. Even before the match, everyone was so excited. They believed in themselves after a spectacular win against Hamburger last Saturday.  However, people say that the second half was simply a disaster. It was as if it wasn’t Bayern but some  other team… We can only speculate as to what really happened in the half-time in the locker room.

The defense struggled. Therefore, the result. I don’t want to ramble about our problems in defense. It has been said so many times before. All that is left now is the Bundesliga and a very difficult uphill climb to the second place. They have to win all eight up-coming games. Is it possible? I would like to believe so, yes. None of the players want to play in the Europa League.

It is said that Lahm and Müller didn’t sleep at all on Tuesday night, following the defeat by Inter. I think I wouldn’t be able to sleep, too. The following day I couldn’t get an image out of my mind: the camera shows the replay of the third goal, and you can see Lahm holding his head between his hands in disbelief, in desperation.

Of course, the debates about the captaincy and leadership immediately followed. Lahm, once again, happened to be “without charisma, without leadership qualities”. In other words, not like those before him. In response to all of that critique, my question is, “Were we having SUCH problems in defense at that time? Did we have a coach who was not willing to change the course of his tactics?” I don’t think so. It is easy to be a captain when everything work like it should. The team back then wasn’t in the same state. My friends who had watched the game told me, “We should put up a monument to your Lahm. He was starting attacks no less impressive than Robben. And on the 72nd minute he showed SUCH dribbling!” (Well, Lahm’s dribbling is one of his qualities, so that doesn’t come off as a surprise to me.) Also, on one of the Russian websites the poll indicates that he was one of the three best players in that game. Doesn’t it say something? He does lead his team by example. In my opinion, being one of the best in a very difficult match is a much stronger indicator of the power of will and leadership skills.

After the match, there were no interviews with Lahm. They appeared the following day. Two in the press and one video interview on Bayern‘s official website. The press described Lahm as being calm, and I saw that very same calmness in the video. But one can see that he is very upset. Who wouldn’t be?.. He talked about the game,  the defense a lot, the remaining – one – goal for the season, that is qualifying for the Champions League for the next season. On a bit lighter note, Lahm was asked a question in English, and he said, “I can answer in German?” The reporter expressed the hope that, perhaps, he could try answering in English, but Lahm apologized in a perfect English, “My English isn’t very good, I’m sorry.” He sounded great to me! His pronunciation is cool . Then some type of commotion happened, so the issue got lost in other things. Later on, the same reporter asked him three questions in English, and Lahm answered in German. He understood all of it! Without the ear-pieces with translation. He understood every word, which means that, first, he does understand English very well. Second, he probably reads English well, too. Third, he probably speaks just fine but was too tired/shy to try to explain all the problems in English at that moment.

Tomorrow is the game against Freiburg. What should we expect? I have no idea. I will hope for the best and cheer for my team. Mia san mia!


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