Lahm and his upcoming book

The online magazine Merkur ( reports that Lahm has a book coming up. Well, perhaps it’s better to say it’s a book about him. Frankly, I was surprised to hear that :) I wonder how it will be called. Lahm read an excerpt to a small circle on Wednesday evening, a day after Inter, I might add.

The article mentions that  it’s Christian Seiler who has written the book. So, to all the haters out there: HE DID NOT WRITE THE BOOK HIMSELF. The process usually includes somebody else gathering the information, i.e. talking to a person in question, and getting paid to write a book. That is what people call “a ghostwriter”. Thus, if you are getting ready to say that Philipp should concentrate on his game instead of writing a book, think twice: once again, he did not write. He does concentrate on his game, so please chill.

The original (in German) can be found here: Philipp Lahm and his upcoming book

The article points out:

Lahm, 27 years old, has experienced and seen a lot. But this is not the reason why the book will appear in stores in September. As he was choosing Seiler as a ghostwriter, he made it clear right away, “I don’t want an autobiography.” Since one has yet so much to see and experience, it is rather inappropriate at 27, from Lahm’s point of view. The intention of this work, from which the Bayern-profi read on Wednesday night to quite a small circle, is to explain to people what it means to be a professional football (soccer) player. Of course, it touches upon Lahm’s career, its ups and downs, covering each event from a specific point of view, as one can imagine, that of the protagonist.

Lahm wants to be an example and regards taking responsibility as his duty. On the field as the captain of Bayern and the German national team,  in addition to supporting his foundation, the Children in Germany and South Africa,  – and now with a book that will show primarily to the youth what is important if you want to achieve something. The fact of the matter, shining between the lines, is that Lahm is still a normal young man who thinks, reflects, and every now and then surprises himself a bit. (my translation)

The article mentions two occasions on which Lahm got to meet Angela Merkel, German’s Chancellor. The occasions that were rather bizarre (standing in a towel in front of the Chancellor isn’t something that happens every day :D)

I have to say that I’m looking forward to reading this book. Knowing Lahm, it should be riveting to read his thoughts on the subject, even though they will be transcribed by somebody else. Once again, I marvel at how seriously Philipp takes his social responsibilities and what an interesting position he occupies in the German society.



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  2. Too bad it probably won’t be financially viable for a publishing company to do an english translation.

    1. I know, right?

      I know at least one person who would love to read the book in English. It would be awesome.

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