The video from a training session

Here is an interesting video from Bayern‘s training session after the defeat by Inter. For one, I had no idea they have a volleyball court right there. Second, I had no idea they were even allowed to play something else than football. (I realize it sounds so ignorant.)

Two things:

1) The score becomes 3:2, and somebody in the fan crowd hints at Bayern‘s defeat. I understand everyone is upset, but was that really necessary? It was just a bit cruel… O_o The players did not react. Later on, somebody calls out to Bastian (I wish I understood what they had said). It doesn’t seem to me like it was anything nice.

2) On the official Bayern‘s website, there is video of the same training session, at the beginning of which we see, among other things, Philipp talking to Andries Jonker (a co-trainer). Judging by his gestures, he explains something to Herr Jonkin in a very articulate manner. And in this video, for two seconds we see them walking on the field, and Philipp keeps on explaining something with the same assertive gestures. Granted, this is only my interpretation.

That being said, may we hope for a change in tactics tomorrow?..

Training session


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