Bayern vs. Freiburg: Goooo Bayern!

Bayern played against Freiburg on Saturday.

Bayern began very well. Their style of play was so compact that I was afraid they would lose the ball somewhere along the way. However, I was happy to see their enthusiasm (especially after Inter) and a direction in their game. Mario’s amazing goal, and I cheered with the team: olé!

Then all of that disappeared, and the fact that Robben had been replaced did not have anything to do with it. The passing of the ball back and forth, pointless circling with it, a bit à l’espagnol, was annoying . I was surprised that Anatoly Timoschuk wasn’t in the starting line-up.  Big thanks to Kraft for parrying the penalty. Awesome! Ironically, Freiburg scored later on anyway.  And what are they doing to Gustavo? They are making him into a defender? That is not his position. I have to admit that he performed quite well as a defender in one of the previous matches, but on Saturday he was not good.  As simple as that. Van Buyten played well, Müller was really trying, and I didn’t want him to be replaced. But no one listened to what I had to say :)

And Ribéry…  Watching him, I was saying bad words: I have had enough of his tricks and whatnot, after which he loses the ball anyway. Contrary to what the others say, I do not think he was the man of the match. Nevertheless, HUGE THANKS to Ribéry for scoring a goal! It was indispensable to Bayern, as indispensable as the air. Very important for the morale and for the table. Thanks to him again and again. It was so nice to see the team rejoicing :)  Mario seemed to be happier than everyone else, and he even stayed next to Ribéry after the game :)

Also, a “miracle” happened during the game: Louis van Gaal got up, went to the sideline, and said something to his Captain! No way! O_o That is something you don’t see every day (a bit of sarcasm here). Hamit Altintop messed up two wonderful moments but played well overall.

As to Lahm, I have a feeling that he has been told the following, “Do you see this mark on the field? DO NOT go past that mark! Do not go there or you’ll become a forward. From now on, you’ll be staying on this part of the field. This is yours. A little farther and/or to the side, no! This is not yours.” I have noticed that he stopped going forward and/or closer to the center. Either it is due to our lack of good central defenders, and Lahm doesn’t feel like he can go too far without exposing the goalkeeper, or it’s due to van Gaal’s philosophy, whatever that might be. Personally, I absolutely love when Lahm makes a run to the center. It is amazing to watch.

Well, and Pranjic… No comments. I was also happy for Miro Klose that he was able to play for about twenty minutes. He does not get much practice at Bayern. That is such a shame! He is a fabulous player.

To sum up, I’m extremely happy that Bayern won 2:1. It should be good for the team! But I have to say that the game was just… a little slow, let me put it this way. Perhaps, it was due to the fatigue. I hope the guys will get enough sleep in the next two weeks and kick everyone’s a***s in the Bundesliga!


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