New coach for Bayern and upcoming changes

Today quite a few articles with the same title could be seen: “Lahm is going to play on the left side again!” It sounded like the Martians had landed and started taking over our cities. I smiled to myself, thinking, “You don’t say! Really?” Lahm has already played on both sides, depending on what the coaches needed. (A fan girl moment here: don’t you just love him?)

The upcoming changes that had been revealed came down to Lahm switching and becoming (again) a left-back. (When Louis van Gaal arrived at Bayern, he placed Lahm on the right. Lahm is also a right-back in the German national team but was a left-back in 2006).

It’s interesting to see how people are divided with regard to the position on which Lahm should play, on the left or on the right. They keep going back and forth :) Somebody is happy. Somebody is not so much. And that’s actually the beauty of it! Also, one user called it “the best news of the year” (The original can be found here)

It looks like the bosses has already discussed the matter with Philipp. One of the articles points out the following:

Meanwhile, the bosses have already spoken with Lahm. The result: he had no problem moving back to the left side (my translation). (The original can be found here)

And now Bayern will look for a right-back…


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