Congrats to Mario Gomez on being the top scorer in the Bundesliga

Mario Gomez is the top scorer in the Bundesliga! Some people have decided to congratulate him, including Bastian Schweinsteiger, Holger Badstuber, Andreas Ottl, and PHILIPP LAHM.

Now, I have to mention that Mario Gomez got a wild, in my opinion, haircut this season ;) His hair has been the talk of the town ahaha

Here is the video with the best wishes:

Lahm says the following, “I believe that you could have scored more headers with a different haircut, but that’s another topic.” In the end, he adds, “I hope that you will score as many goals next season as you did this season. But, perhaps, you could spread them out differently, so we could win a title again.” This is classic! It’s such an incredible video in its own way! First, not often can one see Lahm being as funny as he is in this video :) His facial expression when he says “but that’s another topic” is priceless! Second, I cannot but appreciate Lahm’s wit. Spreading out Mario’s goals would have been, indeed, a fine idea :D I absolutely adore the way Lahm was able to express a very legitimate wish in a very subtle manner. There are so many sides to him, and I’m glad we got a glimpse of his boyish side.



  1. the video is priceless lol

  2. I know, right? =)) It is hilarious ahaha

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