Bayern: New contracts and a feeling of change

So, today is the day when many Bayern fans had a huge party. The reason? Manuel Neuer, one of the best young goalkeepers in the world, finally signed a contract with the club. Schalke04 and Bayern had been going back and forth, trying to find a solution, with Schalke04 seriously protesting. The transfer window opened today, and here we are: the contract is signed. Perhaps, there was not any problem to begin with…

In addition to that, Rafinha, the ex-Schalke04-ex-Genoa right-back, has arrived to Munich and signed a 3-year contract with Bayern.  This means that Lahm will “become” a left-back again; that’s the position at which he started his career. I’m looking forward to Lahm-Ribéry duo. Considering the fact that Frank is more likely to share the ball than Arjen, it should be quite interesting.

Philipp Lahm at the press conference in Frankfurt

For a while, Bayern, as well as the National team, has been looking for a solution to the Lahm’s Equation. The change of Lahm’s position on the field at Bayern means that Jogi Löw, the coach of die Mannschaft, might think about using Lahm on the left in the National team, too. At a press conference several days ago, Löw made it clear that it’s not efficient when a player changes his position every three-four games, at least not at Lahm’s level. He also pointed out that he would be open to considering making changes in the National team. At today’s press conference, Lahm emphasized that he doesn’t have any objections to playing on either side. Hence, all we have to do is wait.

With regard to today’s press conference, which started twenty minutes late due to the team’s training, the atmosphere was quite positive. The journalists inquired about young talents of the NT (the National team), competition between players, and the upcoming match. The questions were not repetitive, and Lahm just talked away, being concise at the same =) I realize it’s a paradox, but that is Lahm we are talking about here =)  The first smile of his got a following of flashes from all the photo cameras in the room; something that was, I have to admit, rather amusing. Philipp mentioned that he likes Austrian music, and their food is not so much different from the Bavarian cuisine (props to a female reporter for an interesting question that, thankfully, was not directly related to football, left-backs and right-backs, and/or the upcoming match against Austria on June 3rd). A very pleasant fifteen minutes.

Therefore, I wish all the best to die Mannschaft on Friday! Auf geht’s, die Jungs!


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