The German National team and its match in Baku

The last game of the German National team this, or perhaps I should say ‘last’, season was in Baku against Azerbaijan. The DFB-Elf had lost some of its players due to injuries, so the team’s starting eleven took an interesting form, with ‘newbies’ being on the field from the very first minute. The defense was all new. In fact, Lahm was the oldest player on the pitch with his 27 years.

I haven’t seen the game at Wembley two or three years go, so I didn’t see Philipp as a central midfielder. But, apparently, this is one of his many qualities. I was in complete awe. Perhaps, due to the fact that it was my first time seeing him fulfilling that role… Or perhaps, it was because he truly was amazing. All over the Internet, people praised him and his performance as a midfielder. Thus, the center became creative, even though the right side lost its creativity. The team was an orchestra, and Philipp – its conductor. The way he was conducting the game, giving out passes, was absolutely phenomenal. At one time he even charged ahead as if he were a striker. If it hadn’t been for a commentator, I wouldn’t have figured out it was Philipp. Why? I simply did not expect it. Not only is he a great full-back, he is also a great midfielder. Props to Lahm. 

In the end, 3:1 in Germany’s favor.




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