A Wind of Change. Hopefully.

I am sure I won’t be the first to say that I have big hopes for the new season. I still remember how I felt when Bayern lost to Inter. I still remember how upset Philipp was. I still remember how tired he looked in that interview after the game. I still remember the feeling of sinking lower. I still remember the match against Schalke 04 in the semifinals of the German Cup. If I had to choose, I would say that those two games were the lowest points of the last season. They were the most difficult. Nothing seemed to be working for Bayern, and the only way was up.

Lahm during the training in Trentino

This summer they have started the pre-season preparation with a new coach, new ideas, new goalkeeper, new right-back, and I can’t help but to feel everyone’s excitement. The German magazine Bild.de (the original) calls Lahm a “shine man”. With the World Cup 2010 last summer and a necessary vacation afterward, Bayern started their preparation with only eight main players. That did not have a positive effect on the team’s dynamic. This  summer there is twenty-one of them. Lahm shares his excitement, It can’t get better. This is why we, rightfully so, are optimistic about making a good start.” He continues:

The preparation has started much better this summer than last season. With the exception of Breno, who still needs to do some rehab training, all players are, in fact, here and fit. In recent years, starting the season has been difficult with many players coming back to training at different times. Thus, the preparation is perfect now. (my translation)

This does make one hope for a better season, does not it? I, for one, hope that this season will, indeed, be better for Bayern. I do hope they will reclaim what is rightfully theirs. I do hope for more smiles. So, auf geht’s!


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