Lahm Reproves die Ultras

The protests of die Ultras (Bayern’s hardcore-and-not-so-sane fans) are starting to get ugly. Despite the talks, it seems like nothing can keep them calm and/or at bay. I believe that we are not talking anymore about expressing opinions at this point. We are talking about people who do not really care about their team and, frankly, are there to advertise themselves, to make the world notice that they exist. Their actions are disrespectful. Period.

I have heard someone say that Lahm and Schweinsteiger should issue a clear statement, letting the Ultras know that their protests would not be welcomed. Well, guess what? They have already done so. Both participated in the talks with the Ultras on July 2. Since then Lahm has made at least one additional statement on the subject. Now published an article in which Lahm sends out, once again, a clear message: the Ultras are wasting their breath. The protests affect the whole team.

Munich – Lahm rings the alarm.

The protests against Manuel Neuer worry the captain with regard to their implications for the entire team and the upcoming season.

“The fans should unconditionally support their players. Manuel Neuer is now part of the team. Therefore, the protests against him affect the entire team”, Lahm reproved the behavior of some Munich supporters.

The reason for Lahm’s plea: the denigration of the so-called Ultras has reached recently a whole new level.


‘Manuel Neuer is an outstanding player, and an outstanding player, especially a German player, should play at Bayern’,clearly states Lahm.  ‘The team, as well, wished [to see] Manuel as a goalkeeper. The new protests strike us as complete lack of understanding.’

The captain’s clear statement toward his teammate on the NT (the National Team). Whether his move will make the Ultras reconsider [their actions], remains highly questionable.

I am not sure if there is a clearer way of saying this. Lahm made it as clear as possible. One has to take other measures. For example, forbid the Ultras to come to the Allianz Arena. But suggesting that the leaders of Bayern should make statements is already in the past. It has been done more than once. The Ultras do not care for the statements. Frankly, they do not care for anything at all but themselves. It is difficult to reason with that type of people.

Nevertheless, I applaud Lahm for taking a stand. 


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