Lahm And Artistic Expression

For quite a while now I have been wanting to write about some fantastic creative work that is out there. The one that pertains to Philipp, of course. Thus, this post is more of an overview of some interesting things than anything else.

To start off, I have come across a collection of drawings depicting Lahm, the German National Team, the head coach, etc. Those are  manga-style drawings that are absolutely amazing, in my humble opinion, and sometimes funny. For example, there is a drawing portraying Philipp who is playing Nintendo games or something of that sort. I think that anyone who knows Lahm’s passion for playing video games will appreciate the joke. Here is a link to one of the artists’ pages: Even if you are not into anime and manga, I recommend that you take a chance and check it out.

On the same website, i.e., there is a poem called “The Philipp Lahm Fan”. I assume it was written in 2008. Very spot on, I must say. The link: And there is sheet music posted for it, too. (In case, the link does not function properly, it is on the same website, and the author is LurbeFlummel; you might have to search for it.) 

Finally, there is a song about Lahm on YouTube. Notice that I am not talking about another version of “Mary Had A Little Lamb”. (Ever so often, one might hear it being transformed into a song about somebody having a little Lahm.) I am talking about an original song written about Lahm, “Der Philipp Lahm Song”. When I first heard it, I could not believe that such a thing existed. It is difficult to say why the idea itself seemed unusual to me. Perhaps, I did not expect people to write about Lahm. Either way, it came off as a surprise, and I am glad I have discovered it. The band (one person?) Die Lahmentierer is from Bavaria. It might not be your style of music, but it is rather catchy. As I understand, it was written before the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. In the description, the author points out that, in his opinion, Lahm is “one of the few football players who can think and talk at the same time.” (my translation) An assessment with which I tend to agree. 

I would like to thank my friend, Josie, for helping me out with the translation:

1st verse:

He’s the boss, the boss in his wing, he keeps his side.

He doesn’t lose any ball, he gives everything, he has to put up with a lot.

His strength is the technique, on the chest the fourth star.

And a “mistake” is a foreign word to him; for the little man from Gern the title isn’t too far away.


Lahm, Philipp Lahm, you are and will always be the best man.

Lahm, Philipp Lahm, nobody can reach you.

Lahm Philipp Lahm, come and lead the team.

Lahm, Philipp Lahm, we’ll go home with the cup.

2nd verse:

He can make crosses, dribble, run. Left and right, and everywhere.

You shall not separate best friends, his best friend is the ball.

Defense is his offense, he gets the ball and brings it ahead.

Because in the end only one thing counts : that is the team and the goal.

Come and show us how to do it.



As a final note, I truly believe that all this work is inspiring. Who says a football player cannot be a muse?


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