The Audi Cup 2011: Bayern vs. AC Mailand

Yesterday it was clear that some progress had been made since the last game (the one against Mainz). Bayern seemed more proactive, though the defense, in general, remains a problematic spot. In the end, Bayern won on penalty kicks and is going to meet ‘n’ greet FC Barcelona today.

I have to admit that yesterday’s match against AC Mailand left me in a state of confusion. On the one hand, I could definitely see a positive dynamic in the team’s preparation for the upcoming season. On the other hand, their game was… chaotic. I have searched for the right word, but the word “chaos” seems to be rather appropriate. (The end of the first half and the beginning of the second were very confident on Bayern’s part.) Do not be alarmed, though. It was an organized chaos (I realize it’s a paradox, but still). Bayern could have scored on multiple occasions, but either the ball did not intend on going into the net, or… Mario Gomez needs to work on finishing attacks. (Other than that, he was quite good, actually.) But a feeling of an overall chaotic movement was still present. Thus, 1:1 which led to the penalty kicks. Bayern won. That still counts.

As to Lahm, I believe it will take some time for him to adjust to playing on the left side, that is to be his usual self on that side again. I do think that he was more proactive this time around. He did some great runs, gave some great passes, and even tried to score, which was beautiful. At the same time, he did make a mistake that allowed Ibrahimovic to advance to Bayern’s goal line. (And knowing our not-so-great central defense, Ibrahimovic’s run resulted in a goal.) Also, I felt it was difficult for Philipp to do his magic due to Ribéry’s absence, since they know each other’s tricks. Even though I love when Lahm and Muller pair up, Thomas was not quite himself yesterday, thus did not create much. Finally, it amazes me how much excitement there is about the fact that Lahm participates more in the attack now that he plays on the left. I believe that helping the attack is a bonus to a defender, but his primary job is defending, after all. Hence, while I am as excited about Lahm’s attacking abilities as the next person,  I wish Philipp’s participation in the defense to be great!

Tomorrow is another game. I wish Lahm and his team the best! Auf geht’s, Bayern!


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