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The Chronicle Of Publishing “Der feine Unterschied”: My Version

Now that the release of Lahm’s book has happened, I would like to write some sort of timeline of its publishing. From my point of view, of course. March 2011 – I am very excited because I just found out there will be a book. Woohoo! I even make a post about it. I do […] New Excerpts From Lahm’s Book. Part IV

As always, Bild chose a juicy part. (They simply cannot stop publishing, can they? And I simply cannot stop reading, can I?)  This time it is from the chapter entitled Philipp, I Am So In Love With You. What I find interesting is that right at the beginning Bild makes an announcement that they publish […]

“Es stehen mindestens 78.000.000 Fans hinter dir” (At least 78 million fans stand behind you)

Amazon send me a message yesterday that my copy of Lahm’s book had been sent out. I am very excited about receiving it, and I cannot wait to read it. It should be absolutely stellar! But this post is not about that. It is about support. Yesterday Philipp published two posts on his Facebook page […]

Bayern vs. Kaiserslautern

Today Bayern played against Kaiserslautern. It was clear that the match would be difficult, but Bayern won 3:0. Before the match, during the half-time, and after the game, one of the hot topics was, of course, Lahm’s book. But there is a silver lining. Before the kick-off and during the game, the camera showed Lahm […]

Lahm’s Exclusive Interview To Merkur

I read this interview yesterday morning, and that was what instantly changed my mood. And I thought to myself, “A Phenomenon. He truly is a Phenomenon.” That’s right. With a capital letter. (By the way, the accompanying photo is great.) In the spirit of things, I have chosen this comment on Lahm’s Facebook page as […]

A Must Read Article

Arguably the first sensible article in a pile of nonsense. In fact, it is in English. Even though I disagree with a couple of things, I think it is well-written and more wise than many others. I am planning on sending an e-mail to the author to let him know that I certainly have appreciation […]

Articles That Make Me Shiver

I started writing this post last night. Originally, I was going to begin it with the following: “As I am looking through various commentaries, I am wondering: how many of his fans does Lahm still have? Who is still with him?” However, as the day progressed, my mood changed. I do not feel the negativity […]