Afterthoughts And Some Positivity

Before getting to some good stuff in this post, I have thought about Lotter’s opinion piece, and something tells me that people might be especially vicious this season. Everyone knows there is a lot at stake, and they (read: the media) will be watching very closely Lahm’s every step.

I know whom people will blame if things do not work out. My question is whether or not they will give him credit if everything does work out. I remember talking to some fans who were saying that Lahm should not be captain. It was in the second half of last season. And I remember asking, “What if Bayern had come in second and directly qualified for the Champions League, would you have considered him a good captain?” The answer was, “Of course, not.” So, it seems there is no right or wrong. He is bad if things go badly, and he is bad if things go well. Frankly, I do not understand that. Perhaps, some of you, whether readers or simply lurkers, can explain that to me.

Of course, I have already had a conversation with other Bayern fans about the SportBild interview. One of them still cannot forget what Lahm said at that press conference before the match against Spain in July 2010. (Some time in the future I might just translate that bit of the conference, so that everybody is clear as to what exactly he said.) Some of them do not think he should be captain because … Intrigued?.. Because he has to, – and I quote here, – “take an initiative more often and speak up.” Let’s us deal with the second part first. According to the Merriam-Webster (online) dictionary, the expression “to speak up”  means two things:

  1. To speak loudly and distinctly
  2. To express an opinion freely

(A similar expression to this one is “speak out”.) I don’t know about others, but it looks like journalists, fans, etc., usually hear what Lahm says. Hence, the option #1 should not be of any concern. What is left, it is expressing an opinion freely. Has Lahm not been doing that? He certainly has, otherwise there would have not been bashing (or..?) Considering all of this, what kind of “speaking up” should he do? I am confused.

Now, moving on to “take an initiative”. If moving the game forward is what is meant here, I have seen that more than once. The match on Monday (this week) was another example of Lahm doing exactly that, and it was not the first time. Therefore, what initiative are we talking about here?

Finally, I have heard that “we should not judge his leadership because he was not prepared to be the main captain last season.” Uhm… I think he did just fine. He got a club with lots of problems of every possible kind. Please, do not tell me that you expected him to lead Bayern to win the Bundesliga last season. There was no way that could have happened, and Lahm had nothing to do with it.

Hence, I wish Lahm all the best this season and for many years to come! You can do it, Fips!

Moving on to some positive stuff…

Lahm visited his Sommercamp (in Munich) on Thursday, driving there after his training. And that, I believe, is really saying something! I am sure the kids were ecstatic. After all, Lahm has mentioned on his Facebook page that he had a great time and that it was awesome to bring the kids so much fun. Everyone looks happy to me! (Notice the t-shirt)

(c) Philipp Lahm/Facebook

And here is a video form a press conference (Mario Gomez speaks first, and then it is Philipp). By the way, notice the t-shirt he is wearing.

Lahm basically says that they are working on the defensive and offensive (attacking) part of the game. Last season they missed too many goals, which was not alright for the Record Champion (read: Bayern). He believes that if they find the right balance between those two components, then it will be very difficult to beat them.

PS.: Judging by the t-shirt, he went to the training, then to the press conference, and after that to his Sommercamp. Wow… The awesomeness of Lahm.


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