How Would You Describe..?

One of the most famous German newspapers, Die Zeit, has a rubric called “Personenrätsel: Lebensgeschichte” (People puzzle: A Life story). They describe a famous person without giving any names and then publish an answer in the next issue. Yesterday I came across one of those puzzling descriptions published on June 9, 2011 (it is sort of fresh!) Who is it? I do not know. It is up to you to figure it out.

Granted, everything has not been going right for him recently, although he always stays committed to the end. And so, it was not his fault that this or that intended goal turned out to be a bubble. Presumably, it was because of another celebrity whom we also described here a few months ago. Now that person is no longer in his vicinity, and one may assume that everything is right for him. For “he always wants to win. If he wins, he talks about it the whole day.” So says his wife and [mentions] that it bugs her at times. But that is his one little flaw.

Only recently the two tied the knot. The church was in the village, and the sermon had to do with the priest reading the Gospel of Love from the Bible. Both the bride (Catholic) and the groom (Protestant) wished for that. “I have found in her a woman for life, ” he said, beaming. Since he has never been perceived as an airhead and has been considered down-to-earth and reliable, the marriage will surely go well. “He runs like a clock”, says one description. And now that everything is settled harmoniously, he will certainly fight more than ever for his professional dreams.

He has already learned that as a student and seized every opportunity that came his way. Besides respect and recognition, that brought him a double leap in his career. For him, it is not a problem, “One climbs a mountain easier, if one has already been up there once.” Sounds very confident and serene, young man! For a long time, there has been something almost childlike in him, perhaps because he has not gotten very tall. Almost four years ago, he said in an interview that his parents take care of his pets when he travels. The two cuddly rabbits are called Milky Way and Brownie – any more questions?

But four years is a long time during which unbelievable things can happen, and the world can change completely, who would know it better than him? And a lot of what seemed to be immensely important was forgotten four years later. Today you are a king – and tomorrow? After all, so far he has managed to do twice something that he can tell stories about to his grandchildren later. Once it happened at the beginning of something big, the second time it happened just before the closing time. And what does he say about it, well-worded as almost always?  “If you prepare and work hard, sometimes you have luck on your side.”

And still, in his profession nobody gives anyone a thing, too much money is in play. But wealth is not so important to him. “I had a superb childhood and was always encouraged,” he has said repeatedly, and that it was only natural to share his happiness and money. Always only card games, football, and a play station, that alone could not suffice in the long run. 

(my translation, (c) unavis)

I am sure that fans can figure out who that is without even trying. The reason I find this description intriguing is because I like examining why various people are interested in the same person, especially if I, too, am interested. How do they view that person? What do they say? When it comes to writing a description like this one, one has to make sure what words he chooses, so people can easily guess. That means those words have to be spot-on. Therefore, according to this article, Lahm is “committed, down-to-earth, reliable”,  always wanting to win, fighting for his dreams, “very confident and serene”, respected and recognized, saying well-worded sentences. Sounds pretty good, does not it? And I am glad there are people who perceive him that way.

Still, I am trying to imagine how readers would decipher this one. What would stand out? I bet if anything, Milky and Brownie would give it away. I remember they became very popular during the World Cup 2006. (May both rabbits rest in peace.)



  1. i actually like this one…at least there are sane people who perceive lahm in a different way (good way). it actually depicts the true characteristics of lahm. i am not sure what they (lahm haters) might decipher this but i am hoping that this can change their view on lahm. lahm is not what they think of.

    1. Me too, I like this one =)

      When talking about deciphering, I was just curious how the readers (of that newspaper) figured out that the answer was “Philipp Lahm”. In other words, what in the description gave them a clue to get the right answer? =)

  2. [“he always wants to win. If he wins, he talks about it the whole day.” So says his wife and [mentions] that it bugs her at times.]
    I remember I have seen this piece in a report. When I read this line, I knew at once it was Philipp Lahm :-)))
    By the way, where are his Milky and Brownie now?

    1. Oh, so that’s what gave you a clue? ahaha Awesome! =)

      Milky Way and Brownie died =(

      1. Oh, I’m sorry… RIP…

        1. Well… You know… It happens =(

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