Germany vs. Brazil: A Brief Overview With A Particular Focus

So, yesterday the friendly against Brazil took place. Die Mannschaft was splendid! Such a great performance from basically everyone! Jogi should be happy. I hope he is. It was a very dynamic and interesting game. Lahm pointed out after the match, “The euphoria is justified. In the EURO qualifiers, we have so far seven wins in seven games, and now [we] beat Brazil for the first time in 18 years. That is a great success.”

Lahm had a good game. Perhaps, it was not as wonderful as some might have expected it to be, but it was a good game. I cannot say I was surprised after discovering that he would play on the left. Well, maybe I did go, “Oh… On the left.” But that was to be expected, was it not? It makes sense. I will probably miss his collaboration with Thomas Müller. I think it has worked out wonderfully so far. Whether during the World Cup 2010 or the EURO 2012 qualifiers, it has been a pleasure to watch their duo. Now, I believe Lahm will build up some magic with either Lukas Podolski or Andre Schürrle. Or both, for that matter. Either way, it will take some time to adjust to playing on the left side, so let’s go Fips!

I thought the first half was better in terms of Lahm’s performance than the second. He was moving the game forward, participating in the attacks. Around the 36th+ minute one could catch a glimpse of displeased Lahm. Germany was creating a counter-attack. Podolski passed the ball to Lahm who ran forward with it. Müller and Gomez were in his vicinity. Yet, it was Thomas who ran toward Lahm to get the ball from him, thus helping out. Lahm passed the ball, continued running while awaiting the pass (and screaming something about that?) Thomas attempted to turn and pass the ball back to Lahm but got caught up between three defenders. Now, Gomez simply stood there without moving even the slightest bit toward Thomas in order to help. Lahm was not pleased. There are two possible scenarios. In particular, either he was frustrated in general, and Mario happened to be there. Or, he was displeased with Gomez. I am more inclined to believe the latter. Walking by, Lahm was stared at Gomez and said something twice, while looking not so happy. Those of you who did record the match or have a chance to watch the replay, look at it and let me know what you think. I am not sure that the camera in every country showed that moment, but if it did, it would be very interesting to read what you have to say. I wish I had a .gif image to show it to those of you who have not seen the game. If somebody out there believes Lahm does not get angry, you are terribly wrong. Trust me on that. The camera rarely captures that, or maybe there are not so many opportunities, but when it does happen, it is quite… impressive.

In the second half, Lahm tried to score a goal, and that was unexpected for Brazil’s goalkeeper, Julio Cesar. Too bad it did not become a bad surprise, i.e. Lahm did not score, but it was a good try. And around the 71st+ minute came along a moment that frustrated me, annoyed me, and made me angry at the same time. Lahm figured out one of Brazil’s combinations and attempted to clear the ball. It somewhat worked at first, but the next minute he had to do it again, and… A foul against Dani Alves. As a result, there was a penalty against Germany. Why all the frustration on my part? Because it is Lahm. Lahm is… well, Lahm. (I feel sometimes I forget that he is human, thus my frustration.) Why was I annoyed? Because I was upset, and the commentator kept saying that it was obviously Lahm’s fault. Why was I angry? Here is why: as soon as the referee blew his whistle, Lahm, on his knees, threw his hands up. Schweinsteiger came up to the referee to prove him wrong. Seconds later, the camera showed Lahm explaining something to Alves who was on the ground. I do not know what Lahm was saying, but he was clearly presenting his point of view, appealing to Alves’ reason. And I do not think I have ever seen him like that. I found this picture on

Look at that face! Alves looks rather smuggish. (That is not a word, but you have to bear with me here.) Alves simply shook his head, and my respect for him diminished, as I do not like “divers” in football.

Here are a couple of .gif(s) from

Therefore, I would like to point out two things:

1. There was a contact with the ball. The referee did not think so, and Alves was not inclined to convince him otherwise. But there was a contact. Lahm did touch the ball first. I am not the only one who thinks so. In fact, if you watch it in the replay, you will see what I mean. Granted, the contact was minimal, but it was there.

2. For anyone, who has ever seen Lahm getting yellow cards or making mistakes during a game and has paid attention, the following should be obvious: Lahm WOULD HAVE NEVER tried to reason in this kind of situation if he had been at fault, knowing it was his mistake. The fact that Lahm was trying to discuss the matter speaks for itself.

Hence, decide for yourself.

That being said, here is a short video of the National Team visiting the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart, the city that is famous for Mercedes-Benz. Since the match took place in Stuttgart, the team went to explore new things. In the video, Lahm says that it was interesting for the team to look at and explore engines, and that assisting was a lot of fun.

The link:

PS.: has graded individual performances (1 – the best, 5 – the worst), and Lahm got a “2” for the match against Brazil. I was pleasantly surprised.



  1. I saw the “little talk” between Lahm and Gomez in the first half. Our commentator said that he was complaining about Thomas Mueller who didn’t pass the ball on one kick. But I didn’t understand why he talked to Gomez? Obviously he was not happy. I think your version is possible. It happens in football games, but not that often to Lahm :-)

    As for the penalty, from my point of view, it was a right decision. (no offence:-)) Lahm did trip up Alves’s leg, and the replay showed that he didn’t contact the ball, though he believed he cleared the ball in a right way… I don’t doubt Lahm has an excellent technique of clearing. But this time maybe he contacted both Alves’s leg and the ball, I couldn’t tell that. It was a sensitive area. I think Lahm would have cleared the ball out, but he kept it a little bit far away from himself, and Alves had a chance to seize the ball. Then the unlucky thing happened…
    I think it was the first time I saw Lahm caused a penalty. It was somehow interesting. haha~~~ (Don’t be annoyed at me :-p)

    1. 1. Oh, that’s what it was… Huh. Interesting. Perhaps, your commentator was right since Lahm screamed something while running forward.
      In that case, I think he was just frustrated and expressed his feelings =) He probably wasn’t angry with Gomez.
      And Lahm was right.

      2. No offense taken. It is your opinion =) And I am definitely not annoyed =) Perhaps, you’re right, and he did both, touched Alves’ leg and the ball. The thing is that, judging by a trajectory of the ball and a replay that I have watched, Lahm did touch the ball. (Not to mention that Lahm would not have behaved the way he did if it had been his fault.)
      By the way, he even wrote on Facebook, “[…] As to the penalty, I was sure I played the ball. The TV images look a bit unfortunate.” And one of the comments said, “One knows that you argue/dispute only when you are sure.” That’s exactly what I am talking about here =)

      In any case, thanks for commenting!

  2. hey. i love your blog, it’s great! over here in australia we don’t get to watch these matches on TV and I really hate that. I’ve been searching up highlights on youtube and i came across this one which seems to have the scenario about gomez and lahm that you were talking about, it happens around 6min44sec.
    In my opinion, Klose is miles better than Gomez. Gomez had a fantastic season in the Bundesliga but when you look at his goals most of them were only possible because he has some brilliant players behind him. Klose is the real striker, the one who makes goals happen and should therefore be no1 in choice of strikers..
    It looks to me like Lahm was yelling at Gomez, and I think he has all right to do so!

    1. sorry i forgot to post the video link:

    2. Hi to Australia!!!

      How is it going over there?

      Thanks a lot for the link! I prefer Miro, too. (At least, right now.) And it is for the exact same reason you’ve mentioned. Nevertheless, I do see that Mario has improved. So, I hope he is going to continue doing that =)

      Now that I’ve seen that episode again, I kind of feel that Rui might be right (or Rui’s commentator, for that matter). Perhaps, Lahm was, indeed, yelling at Thomas because he had not passed the ball. Or maybe not… =))) Both scenarios are possible =))

      Thank you for your kind words and thanks for commenting! I appreciate it.

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