“Post-Kahn” Reactions And A Press Conference

After Schweinsteiger’s response to Kahn’s critique (Bastian basically says that Kahn should remember how he, himself, hated it when his ex-colleagues criticized him through the media), Lahm has commented on the issue. Yesterday one of the online newspapers reported that he could not be reached for comments on a training-free day. (I am sure he had better things to do.)

Hamburger Abendblatt points out,

Lahm did not want to comment extensively on thematter on Tuesday. “I don’t have to comment on the issue. I know Oliver Kahn, you know Oliver Kahn, I look at it calmly.” He feels “no fury. That does not interest me. We are working on playing well”, says the 27-year-old before the Champions League game against Zürich on Wednesday.  

Bayern’s coach Jupp Heynckes defended his captains. A word from Lahm and Schweinsteiger has “weight. You can also intervene internally in a strong and direct way.” In order to do that, a person like Lahm does not have to “rumble. He does that gently. He can accomplish a lot that way through communication and support. He does it quite well”, says Heynckes. (my translation)

TZ adds,

Munich – Jupp Heynckes has commented on the “leading player” issue before Philipp Lahm. Also, Bayern’s captain appears to be calm.

Philipp Lahm has countered the critique of his longtime teammate, Oliver Kahn, mockingly. “What any former player says in a blog does not interest me, does not interest Bastian (Schweinsteiger), and does not interest the team,” said the captain of the German National Team and FC Bayern München at a press conference in Munich on Tuesday.

He had “no anger” and “no problem” with those statements. “On the contrary, I look at it calmly,” said Lahm. […] On the pitch, Lahm and Schweinsteiger do not have a go at their teammates, as Kahn has done before.

Bayern’s coach Jupp Heynckes praised the “thoughtful” leadership of Lahm and Schweinsteiger. “One should not rumble to the outside. One can also put his foot down internally, Philipp and Bastian do that,” says Heynckes. “Their word has weight in the team.” The 66-year-old coach mentions that Kahn, Stefan Effenberg or Lothar Matthäus were “other captains”. “A character is crucial. Each type can be valuable to the team.” (my translation)


Lahm will not change his leadership style. “We will continue to work that way.” And the sporting success will also come back. “There also should be luck [in order] to win an international title. It is difficult, but we are working on it.”

Before posting this, I have clicked on the link, and it seems the author has re-written and/or edited the article. In the earlier version, there was the following:

“He interacts [with the team] internally and does not express himself loudly to the outside. You don’t always have to rumble to the outside [world] to get noticed,” says the coach of the Record Champion Bayern München. […]

As Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm also rejected the criticism, “I am not angry. ” He will not talk to Kahn about the critique “because I don’t have his number.” (my translation)

(The reason I have decided to mention the previous version is because I really like Heynckes’ statement about “being noticed”. It can certainly be applied to several former players. And, of course, I loved Lahm’s “I don’t have his number”.)

Very clear, indeed. Nicely done. (I have to admit that I laughed while translating it;  that is some great stuff.)

I think that some people should realize the following: we are all different, and some of us do not have to throw a fit to get our point across. One thing that makes me go “huh?’ is the fact that TZ calls Lahm’s response “mocking”. What is so mocking about saying that you do not care what other people think? Some care, some do not.

PS.: There is another article saying that the reporter who wanted to know if Lahm would call Kahn offered Lahm Kahn’s phone number, but Lahm thanked him and declined. (This is great ahaha). This article also talks about “being noticed”, etc. Thus, the previous version of the TZ article is still intact.

PPS.: I just saw the press conference discussed in the articles above. There is no trace of mocking in Lahm’s response (the one about “it does not interest me […]”). It has more of a “duh” feeling to it. He says it with a smile.

I really liked this press conference. Great atmosphere!  Lahm’s answer about Kahn’s phone number was even greater than I had imagined it to be (he was asked about sending a text message). And when the reporter offered Kahn’s number, Lahm just laughed. It is rare to see him like that at press conferences, but he laughed wholeheartedly. It was obvious that Lahm, being who he is, totally appreciated the reporter’s joke. It was great. (Contrary to what the article says, Lahm did not decline the proposition in words; he laughed and everybody laughed with him, and that was it.)

One other thing. Lahm was asked if he knows any players from FC Zürich. I believe he said that they would watch videos and whatnot (to analyze) today. The reporter persisted.

The reporter: But now, do you know any players?

Lahm: I know Ludovic Magnin.

The reporter: In other words…?

Lahm: In other words, hardly anyone.

I rolled on the floor with laughter. Good one, Philipp!



  1. That was a great press conference! Lahm answered the questions regarding Kahn’s attack like the professional he is. I especially liked his response to whether there is a connection between Bayern not winning any international titles and the lack of leading players. He said one mustn’t forget that Bayern is not the only team fighting for that CL title. So true. Not winning a title does not necessarily mean that Bayern played badly, it may just mean that the other team was better or luckier. Luck plays such a big role in football, it’s not even funny.

    By the way, I love this blog. Keeps me updated on my favorite player. :)

    1. Andi~

      Thank you very much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it =)

      Yeah, the press conference was awesome. Definitely gave me some positive energy =)) Absolutely stellar! Loved it.

      And I loved how Philipp gave Thomas a pat on the back at the end ahaha

      1. I didn’t catch that the first time around. :D

        Also great: Müller’s comedic talent: “Da schau mal her, Frau Stachelbeer” and “I feel great, although that doesn’t matter today.”

      2. Yeah, you’re right ahahaha Classic!

  2. opfaith · · Reply

    I really love his answer! “because I don’t have his number.”
    Thank you for the translation again.

    1. I liked that one, too =)

      You’re very welcome =)

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