Bayern vs. FC Zürich: Heck Yeah, Lahm

Despite the fact that my Internet at home does not work, I am in a very good mood. It was a wonderful game! I completely disagree with those who say that the first half was boring. Granted, everyone compares games differently. (One of my friends thinks this one was worse than the previous ones.) I, too, compare them with one another, and, from my point of view, this one was stellar. Of course, Bayern can play even better than that. Finishing attacks will need some work, but it takes time. And luck plays its role, too.

Lahm had a great match. He was going up and down the left side, giving out great passes, moving the game forward. In the 11th+ minute, Lahm went up his flank, past Zürich’s (two) defenders, and took a stab at scoring goal. It did not work out as planned but, nevertheless, was amazing to watch. Then, in the 19th+ minute, Lahm made a run almost right through the center, all the way from his half of the field, got to the penalty area, and gave a pass to Mario Gomez who did not score. I was sure Lahm would try to score it himself. It looked like a perfect opportunity. Perhaps, he thought he was not positioned well enough. (Then again, it looked just right to me.) Next, in the 53rd+ minute, Lahm gave a pass to Ribéry, while opening up, and Frank tried to score. The ball bounced off of either a defender or the goalkeeper, Lahm got to it and shot the ball. Too bad it did not result in a goal, but it was a wonderful try all the same.

It was one of those games when, while watching, I thought, “Lahm is a genius. He really is.” On a side note, I remember watching Germany’s match against Ghana at the World Cup 2010, and I remember how at one point I sent a text, saying, “Lahm fascinates me.” I suppose many of you would say that he can play even better, and I would probably agree with you. But still, today’s game makes me marvel at him and say, “He is a genius. On so many levels.”

Congratulations to Philipp and his team! Weiter so!

PS.: So far, I have read several comments about the match, and it seems hardly anyone noticed what Lahm did for the team today. (Makes me think it is taken for granted more than it should be.) I can almost hear them saying, “Uhm.., yeah, thanks.” Although, wait a second. No, not even that.  There is basically nothing. It is unfair, to say the least. (If any of you wanted to blame me for my impartiality, I would respond by saying this: I do notice how other people play, and, upon your request, I can give you my assessment of other (Bayern) players. The reason I am concentrating on Lahm is because of the purpose of this blog.)

Besides, people are still not happy that he is not vocal enough. (I guess every captain of every other team is very vocal. (Sarcasm here.) ) I am afraid I do not have any arguments left to make them pay attention. Thus, I am simply going to wish Philipp to continue doing what he does!



  1. yes, i did enjoy watching lahm play last night. it was really WONDERFUL. i screamed aloud when he tried to score and give goal assists to his teammates. trust me, lahm could have scored twice!

    i once said that i preferred him to play on the right, but come to think about it, lahm can play really great on the left and it gives him opportunities to score more. he’s not just a great defender.he can attack too. but his priority is to defend and it would be so lovely to watch him score. he doesnt score many, but when he does, it goes like whoooaaaaaaa….

    and one thing that made me scream last night was gomez. he wasnt quite himself last night and it seemed like something was bothering him! trust me, it could have been like 5-0! however it was a great match…i hope bayern will keep up their good momentum when they are meeting up another opponents on the next matches…

    1. Amal~

      Thanks for commenting!

      “he doesnt score many, but when he does, it goes like whoooaaaaaaa…” –

      That is sooo true ahaha

  2. I love when Lahm gets all creative like that. Granted, against other teams he may not get the chance to be quite as offensive because, after all, he is a defender and sometimes I feel as if he forgets, but seeing him creating those chances sure is great. I swear, I could rant for hours about the fact that I don’t see Lahm as a defender and that he would be much better suited in an offensive position, but that wouldn’t lead anywhere since, let’s face it, he could do anything, which he’s proven. Right back, left back, defensive midfielder. I’m just a bit worried that he’s lost his “Laufbereitschaft” when the direction of the game changes. He does it better on the national team, so who knows what’s going on there. Ah see, I ramble. Anyway, good game for him.

    1. Andi~

      Thank you for commenting! By the way, rambling is always appreciated here =) No need to limit yourself =)

      Lahm, indeed, can do anything. I totally agree. And me too, I love when he gets creative offensively, which depends, I guess, on an opponent.

      However, I do see him as a defender. There is just something about that… Those two concepts go together =) Paraphrasing one of the people I know, being a defender is one of the coolest things ever. That very same person told me that being a defender is so much better than being a forward. And I concur =)

      Do not worry about the “Laufbereitschaft”. Remind yourself that he is a human ;)

      1. “Do not worry about the “Laufbereitschaft”. Remind yourself that he is a human”

        –Thank you. I forget. His own fault for spoiling me by being so goddamn awesome most of the time. :D

        1. Ahaha

          Well, you know, I’m speaking from experience here ;) :D

          (by the way, great answer =))

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