New Excerpts From Lahm’s Book. Part II.

Wow… That is all I have to say. Some people are very seriously annoyed. I have read comments like “You have betrayed your colleagues.” Hold your horses, ladies and gentlemen! What betrayal are we talking about? What did he betray exactly? Whom did he betray? Look up the definition of betrayal. If I were to say that people’s reaction does not scare me, I would be lying. It does make me feel slightly uncomfortable. There is some serious Lahm-bashing going on right now. While reading about it in the morning, I was freaked out, to say the least. But I have to admit that one of the comments made me laugh. A user wrote on Lahm’s Facebook page, complaining about the following: Lahm has said that he does not really care what any former player writes in his blog, and now he writes a book. What’s up with that? the user asked. Hence, here is my letter to him/her.

Dear online user, whose name I cannot remember,

I realize that you do not read this blog, since obviously you are not too fond of Lahm. But let me tell you that your question is completely irrelevant. Why? Let me put it his way: Lahm is not interested in what Kahn has said about him. It is his right. Writing a book does not have anything to do with whether or not Lahm is interested in Kahn’s thoughts. If Kahn is not interested in what Lahm writes, that is totally fine! I do not mind. I am sure Lahm does not mind either. There are people who are interested in Lahm’s book, and that is enough. If you are not one of them, why is that Lahm’s problem? Thus, think about that.



Anyhow… I am continuing with writing about Lahm’s book because Bild keeps publishing the excerpts. (Ok, fine, it is not their fault that I cannot stop reading bits of that book.) If I am not mistaken, yesterday Bild promised to quote Lahm’s thoughts on getting lectured by Rummenigge. But, instead, they present us with some excerpts about Rudolf ‘Rudi’ Völler (note: former head coach).  Well, let’s see…

JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER: I do not know in what context the following excerpts appear in the book. And we all know that the context matters.

I feel like, in this case, I must not summarize what Lahm says. (Let’s face it, the idea have crossed my mind because it would be so much easier for me.) Hence, here we go. 

[on his first nomination to the National Team] “If I believed someone would take care of me, especially as a newbie, I was wrong. The senior national players, who have already experienced many such meetings  – arrival, check into a hotel, two, three training sessions, going to the venue, an international game, return flight, going back to clubs – stay together and make their stay as comfortable as possible. There is a lot of laughter. I hold back from joking. We young players – Hinkel, Hildebrand, Friedrich, Kurányi, and I – perch together and are simply there, don’t say much, do what we are told. “

[on training] “We run one or two laps on the field, warming up, do a  bit of stretching, play in circle, on the flanks, practice shots on goal, and afterward start a little game. This is to me as if two buddies went on vacation and played football together. After training, no one says anything. The senior players don’t take care of the young ones anyway, the (trainer) staff is nonexistent, and the coach obviously finds that everything is okay the way it is.”

“Still, the training sessions with the National Team are the most relaxed days of my professional existence. The relaxation, at which I have marveled  before my first game against Croatia, is the rule. We don’t work on anything specific, except, perhaps, crosses from the sides to the center, from where somebody takes the ball unchallenged and shoots on goal. Fun, yes, but totally unsystematic.”

“From today’s perspective, it sounds like a different era of football, and probably that is true. I don’t know any national team from 2004 that would have prepared differently, more professionally than we did. How much professional, overall, a work with players of the National Team can be, I experience after the disaster at the European Championship 2004 in Portugal.”

[when Klinsmann came] “Everything that will be dealt with during practice suddenly makes sense.”

“Jogi Löw proves himself already during the first training as a shrewd tactician. It is interesting what he has to say about every position, especially for a player to whom no trainer has given any suggestions as to how he could interpret the position of a left full-back.”

(my translation, (c) unavis)

I know I said I would not summarize, but nevertheless… When writing about Völler, Lahm points out they did not watch any videos of other teams and so on.

I am going to leave it at that. I did not translate another bit referring to Völler’s training methods, which basically amounts to the same thing.

Interesting, very interesting…

EDIT (August 2012): I have started translating the book. The first part of the 1st chapter has already been posted here.



  1. isabellasboutique · · Reply

    I’m currently at work lol so I’ll keep this brief for now. But woah is my first reaction. This is some dramatic stuff. But to be honest, I like it. In an odd way (I may be wrong as I haven’t read the whole book and section etc) but it seems to be implying that the NT is getting better? Changing for the better? And adapting to new types of personalities? Lahm, Schweinsteiger etc. obviously endured that awkwardness and now under their leadership want a more inclusive and compassionate environment. This is just my quick thoughts on what I have just read, but that’s kind of what I got from it. Got to go now, so I’ll comment more in depth later! ;)

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for leaving a comment =)

      I believe the NT is, indeed, getting better. That is my impression, too. And I agree with you about the environment. Obviously, people’s experiences change them, so it totally makes sense to assume that.

      I, for one, know how it feels when you expect people to guide you, and they are like, “Nah… Whatever.” It is frustrating. So, I definitely understand Philipp.

  2. Hey,

    I do not really know what to say. I am really speechless at the moment. Of course not because your fantastic blog, but because of the whole drama, which has happened the whole day. I don’t know where you live and how much you have heard, read or seen so far, but for me it was something I do not want to experience once again. I mean, I had actually thought that the drama around Philipps interview two years ago can hardly be topped, but now I know it better.

    For me it seems like everyone thinks that they must make a comment on this topic. EVERYBODY!
    I cannot remember the names of all the former players who published their opinion. All I know is that they have been critizising Philipp for doing what he has done. While I have been reading their statements I asked myself if they are doing better than Philipp. They are critizising him without reading the book. They do not know what Philipp wanted to point out with this but can already judge him for that? Are they real? All these people should just shut up und read the book first.
    The same goes to all these fans who are permanently critizising Philipp and his book. They make themself to a ‘Moralapostel'(sorry I dont know the englisch word ;-) ) who has every right to demand that Philipp should not be the captain anymore. At the same time they can hardly await the next parts of Philipps book. They accuse him that he has no ‘Moral und Anstand’ and is a opportunist who changes his mind like a flag in the wind. I do not know what I should say anything else about such people, just: Sie tun mir Leid.
    They seem to have no hobbys but to look down on someone who is 10000000000000000 time a better person than such idiots!!!

    I liked your little lette to one of these idiots. I agree with you in every point. While Kahns criticism was very personally and just a sign of a yearning to be recognized by the public, Lahms book is just about his view. He does not either lie nor does he attack someone. He just tell us things we already know or have guessed. If someone has a problem with the truth like Völler & Co, they should proove that all the things, Philipp told us, are just a big lie. Of course he cannot do this, because it is the truth, which some of them just do not want to see.
    Thats a sad thing, but far from a good reason to call someone ‘charackterlich schwach’ oder ‘geldgierig’.

    Just a few thoughts about these parts of the book. Of course BILD is very smart to publish those parts instead of the promised ones after Völlers verbal attack. But after reading them I do not really know, why he is so upset about them. Philipp gives us a insight in a world I can hardly imaginge. Young player have to be silent, stay away form the older ones and just dont get in the way of them. The coach trains only flanks and makes no tactic analyse. That sound so unreal in my ears, that I can only shake my head, when I compare this with the training methods today. Thats more than a quantum leap. I also think that those times seems to have made a huge impression of Lahm. He got to know a ‘Zweiklassengesellschaft’, in which nobody fights for the other. He noticed that this is not a good way to be successful. Therefore he made his conclusions and do it better in his captaincy. You can ask every young player, who is new in the national team, everyone will say, that he got warm welcome in the team. I am sure that was something Philipp has changed immediately when he was in the position to do so. The German National Team is not only successfull these days because of all the good young players, but also because of the good environment and athmosphere Philipp and his supporters have created. I have asked me last year why Philipp wanted to stay captain so badly and even risked a conflict with his teammates becaus of his statement. But now I beginn to realize that Philipp has done this for the team. It is just a guess of me but I think that Ballack, while he was visiting the team in South Africa, tried to get back to his position in the team, after he noticed that he has no longer this position. He was an outsider, which he did not want to accept. I guess he felt that he has lost most of his power and tried in every way to get it back. This brought a bad mood into the team. Maybe some fights between the supporters of Ballack and Lahm. In the end Philipp had no other choice to step up und make this interview. But that is just an idea of me. ;-)

    But that shows to me once more, that Philipp would do everthing to protect his team. Many people think he wrote this book just to change his image. That he is a egoist who is bad influenced by his adviser. But I think he did it for the team. I know it sounds silly, because it is in some way a bit risky to write about some old storys which have happend in the cabin (you can never know how his teammates will react) but with all the drama around the book the concentration lof the media lies on Philipp. Now everyone will observe him and forget about his teammates and their performance. This can be a big advantage: Philipp MUST play a good season so that all his criticizers will become still, while his teammates can focus on themselves. They can make mistakes without being reproached for them. Especially for young players it is important to get some time without being criticized immediately. Therefore I think that publishing this book will have help this team more than it will harm it!

    But we are going to see what will happen in the future! I hope the best for Philipp and his team(s)!!!

    Liebe Grüße


    1. Fips4Ever~

      Thank you for this comment, too! I might respond to some of your thoughts in an actual post, since I think it could be an interesting discussion =)

  3. […] of my readers, Fips4Ever, has already pointed out the very same idea, and I find it interesting. Based on the excerpts about Philipp’s first experience with the National Team, it becomes clear why now he behaves the way he does. And I do not even […]

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