Bayern vs. Kaiserslautern

Today Bayern played against Kaiserslautern. It was clear that the match would be difficult, but Bayern won 3:0. Before the match, during the half-time, and after the game, one of the hot topics was, of course, Lahm’s book. But there is a silver lining. Before the kick-off and during the game, the camera showed Lahm more often than it usually does. I know, I know… Perhaps, I sound a bit selfish here, but I enjoyed that. *grin*

Lahm had two chances to score. The best of the two came around in the 15th+ minute when he made a beautiful run into the penalty area and tried to score, but it did not work out. The combination was absolutely brilliant and beautiful. No doubt about that. He could have also given a pass to Mario Gomez who might have been in a more suitable position to score a goal. (I do believe, though, that Philipp could have scored a wonderful goal if he had taken a better aim.) Apparently, Gomez was really upset, and they had a little chat with Lahm. 

After the match, there were a couple of interviews. Here is the video with the highlights and interviews. (Nice footage of Fips at the beginning.)

Philipp says that one should accept the critique, and in the book there are plenty of passages where he criticizes himself. He also emphasizes that anyone who reads a book from cover to cover will discover that it has nothing to do with settling the accounts. The reporter asks him if he would have done anything differently, and Philipp basically says no. He states that it was good for him to see what has taken place in his career so far. Lahm also points out that his book will be of interest to people of different ages. Then Mario and Thomas speak to a reporter who asks Mario about what happened between him and Philipp. Mario clearly does not know how to say that he does not want to talk about, but, as far as I understand, he says that Philipp apologized to him. (Fips, you are awesome.)

In addition, Heynckes mentions that, when somebody writes a book, he should be prepared to deal with consequences, and Philipp does it very well. (Heck yeah!)

So, congrats to Bayern, to the coach and his staff, to the Captain and his team!


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