“Es stehen mindestens 78.000.000 Fans hinter dir” (At least 78 million fans stand behind you)

Amazon send me a message yesterday that my copy of Lahm’s book had been sent out. I am very excited about receiving it, and I cannot wait to read it. It should be absolutely stellar! But this post is not about that. It is about support.

Yesterday Philipp published two posts on his Facebook page around, I believe, 11:30pm (German time).

The first one reads:

I am happy about the clear victory in Kaiserslautern and that this week is going to be over soon. It was pretty busy. We qualified for the Champions League in Zürich and got quite a stunner with Manchester City, Villarreal, and Napoli as the opponents in the group. And then also my book has caused a huge stir. As I also see here on Facebook.

(There were about 900 comments pertaining to the book) Philipp, your book is already a hit! *smile*

The second one reads:

I can only say that it is a nicely written book, in which I calmly and objectively describe my career up until this point, providing examples. Am grateful for every comment. Regards, Philipp.

First of all, I think he comes from another planet. He has to. Second, once Bild had published the excerpts, there were so many messages of hate in various forms. It was a flood of hate messages. To be fair, some of them were more constructive than the others. But, for the most part, it was just an unbelievably ‘violent’ response. However, it seems the more bashing there was, the more support flooded in. At first, the supporters were the minority, but after a while I started reading more and more comments of support. I have to say that I was touched.

There are already over a thousand comments for Philipp’s second post, and many people say that he is simply stellar. I have read a lot of great ones, so I would like to cite some of them here. Hence, if any of you authors are reading this blog, I would like to thank you for supporting him. And screw the haters. In response to Philipp’s second post:

Interesting how many people bring Lahm down; people who have talked about leading players. With the excerpts of his book, doesn’t he now display the talent of delivering trenchant and professional criticism? It has been clear for a while that Völler wasn’t the “trainer” in the sense of this word, that Klinsmann’s fitness-approach was absolutely one-dimensional and ridiculous, and that Magath’s leadership breaks players, turning against him in the end. When Effenberg, Ballack, Frings & Co. (even during the EC or WC!) bring down and break the inexperienced players, should that be a courageous leadership? But when Lahm presents a crystal clear argument against the alleged experts and “alpha animals” of the German football, should that be only “shabby” and “dishonorable”? It simply demonstrates that, in the “leading player” debate, the criteria is not courage and reflection, but an authoritarian behavior.


So, I must honestly say that anyone who accuses Lahm of greed and the distortion of facts hasn’t got a clue… Hardly any German player has demonstrated more character than Philipp Lahm… Thus, it is legitimate that [he] writes a book. The media and these stupid critics simply haven’t got a clue and try to splash some mud at honest and proper players. Let it be. That’s what I’ve done. Keep it up, Philipp! Go your own way. I stand behind your opinion because you are honest and true to a legitimate objective manner. Keep it up!  ~ Alexander Leidig

Lahm, keep it up! I mean, we live in a country where one can still speak his mind, and to those, who are upset, I can only say that they should read the book first, then one can make comments. But now concentrate on the Champions League and keep it up. I stand behind you no matter what other people say. I mean, you shouldn’t listen to what Mister Völler or other people say. Do your thing and get through this. My respect and hats off to you. ~ Michael Ronald

So, I find it absolutely word-class. One should always be honest, whether a professional or an amateur. Who didn’t see that [the team in] 2008 was ridiculous or, as Philipp says, a “quarreling bunch”? I find it good, and there are at least 78 million fans who stand behind you. ~ Mario Becker

Exactly. You have the right, and let people say what they want. I support you now in everything :) Keep it up! We all stand behind you. ~ PascalQuant

FC Bayern and the fans of FC Bayern stand behind you completely, Mister Lahm. ~ Adrian Wiprächtiger

I find it truly amazing, and I would like to thank people once again.

PS.: I just noticed that I had not cited any comments from women, girls, etc. But just so you know, they are there.



  1. i hope there would be an english translation of the book. it would be easy for us (non german speakers) to read it and i believe his fans all around the world are hoping for the same thing like me. do tell me once you finish reading the book and how it turns out to be (i am sure the book is really interesting and awesome) and it would be lovely if you could translate a bit from any chapter from that book. :)

    i am so touched by the comments. it just shows lahm still has fans who are so supportive. but i am kind of worried and so preoccupied by the meeting with lahm and DFB which takes place this week. i hope its gonna turn well for him. i once read a vicious comment given by one of his haters. the comment giver suggested loew to throw the book straight to lahm’s face (all i could think at that time was lahm getting hurt by it) :( oh, please dont make it happen..

    1. Hi =)
      Thank you for leaving a comment! I appreciate it.

      You know, the English translation would be easier, that’s true =)) But I doubt they are going to translate it, which is rather sad. I’ll definitely write a post about it once I’m done reading it, and I’ll do some translations whenever I have time.

      By the way, now some people are saying they’ll buy the book just because they are curious ahaha

      As to the meeting between him and the DFB, well… It is what it is. I mean, sure it’s a bit unsettling, but I am sure Philipp will defend his point of view in Lahm-like manner =)

  2. It’s so nice to see those supportive comments. I’m really touched and am ready to leave a message on Philipp’s Facebook too! :-))

    1. It certainly is reassuring, I have to admit =)

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