Gesundheit in einem Boot (Health In A Boat)

In a sense, I am glad to once again write about something non-related to Lahm’s book. Please do not get me wrong. I am still as excited about the book as the next person, but I think it is nice to switch gears once in a while. I am always interested in finding out what Philipp does with regard to various projects. It is as if I were putting pieces of a puzzle together, asking myself, “What else constitutes Philipp?” And let me tell you, it is a fascinating puzzle!

About two months ago I came across an article that appeared to be very interesting. It talked about a regatta for a charity. To my surprise, I discovered that Lahm has been one of the patrons for the past two years, and I had no idea about it. (I have to say this is not the first that happens. In other words, I have already had some “revelations” about Lahm, and it never ceases to amaze me.) Stop and think about it for a second. How truly cool is that? The event took place on July 3rd, and the poster reads:

“As a patron, I am again on bord.” ~ Philipp Lahm.

On the official website, there are addresses of the three patrons to the public. Here is Lahm’s address to the participants and staff:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear participants of the charity race against cancer and heart attack!

According to the statistics, one in three people in our country suffers from cancer and nearly 300,000 people per year have a heart attack. Cardiovascular diseases and cancer are the most prevalent causes of death in Germany. No one is immune to them, and we are all forced to raise concern about these diseases and do something about it.

Sport provides an effective means. There are many ways of becoming active, whether it is at the top level, as me, or in recreational sports. Even people with heart problems can become active in sports.

Moreover, sports help to bring people together, providing excitement, helping to overcome differences based on age, background, and performance level. A prime example is the charity event [called] Rowing Against Cancer And Heart Attack. By participating in today’s race, you show community involvement and help in the fight against diseases that are a major problem in our society.

I wish all the leaders, organizers and participants a great event, high proceeds for a good cause, and that the weather cooperates.

Best regards!


Philipp Lahm.

(my translation)

And here is a video about the event. There is no interview with Philipp, but you can see how it looks like and what people are up to. It seems everyone was having a good time.



  1. Lahm is always so fond of charity. Good man!

    1. He rules! That’s clear :D

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