My Copy Of Lahm’s Book

Here we are. I am a happy owner of Philipp Lahm’s book! I got very excited when I saw it in my mailbox yesterday. And I know that I should read it in a chronological order, but after five months of waiting I could hardly stay away from the book. So, of course I have already unwrapped it. I am sure you will not berate me for that, will you? I have taken a pick at several chapters, and I love it. I simply love it. It is a very nice read, and I already can “feel” Philipp between the lines.

My copy of Philipp Lahm's book. (c) unavis

The media points out that Lahm has landed the number one spot on the non-fiction charts with his book The Subtle Difference. His book has had over 500% more sales than Heribert Schwan’s The Woman At His Side, who is in second place. People’s reviews are quite pleasant, too.

Now, would it be wrong of me to laugh in the face of all the haters?..




  1. i am so happy for you. i wish i could understand german and get my own copy. don’t forget to tell us if you find something ‘interesting’ in that book. :)

    happy reading!
    p/s: are you german?

    1. Hi =)

      Thanks for leaving a comment! And thanks for being happy for me ahaha I’m pretty excited, too =))

      No, I’m not German =)

  2. Wow, happy for you, too:-D I’m still waiting for my copy, haha~~
    I believe more and more people are getting to know what the book is about after reading it thoroughly.

    1. Thanks =))

      You are absolutely right. He has already received a lot of positive reviews from people.

  3. I ordered my copy but I guess I could only get it by the end of this month.
    Hmm, leaving on the other half of the globe is such a disadvantage… T.T

    Looking forward to the book, sincerely :D

    1. Hi =)
      Thank you for leaving a comment! Yeah, that can be a disadvantage… no kidding…

      But I hope it’ll come to you as soon as possible =)

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