Better Late Than Never: Bayern vs. Freiburg

It feels like it has been ages since my last post. I wanted to write about the game last Saturday, right there and then, but was too tired to do so. Thus, here I am…

I enjoyed the game and thought it was quite interesting, especially in the beginning. I felt that Lahm was performing more of a defensive-orchestrating function during the match, which I do not have a problem with. *grin*

the 6th+ minute – Thomas gives a pass to Ribéry who gives it to Lahm. Lahm goes forward, into the penalty box, and tries to give a pass to Kroos (?). It did not work out as planned, but it was a good idea.

the 7th+ minute – Lahm did a tackle that prompted the ball to stay in Bayern‘s possession.

the 14th+ minute – Lahm does a tackle that is simply fantastic. It is one of those moments that makes me go, “Wow…” The commentator, too, is in awe and gives him praise. Meanwhile, I am getting angry at them for not showing a replay of it. Not from any angle. Not even a close-up.

the 20th+ minute – Lahm makes a pass to Kroos, while going forward, and gets the ball back from Kroos. Tries to cross, but a Freiburg‘s defender makes it impossible. Bayern has a corner. The ball gets to Lahm, and he tries to score, but it does not work out.

the 39th + minute – Lahm intercepts the ball from the opponent on Bayern‘s half of the field and charges forward. Gives a pass to Kroos (?).

In my humble opinion, he did well. I have read some critique of the match and could not help but post the following bit here. I remember the first time I read an article in which Lahm was compared to a foreign minister, and I thought, “This is curious.” Since then, I have been surprised every time I read such comparisons. It is amazing. From what I have observed so far, there are three popular ways to describe Lahm (listing them in no particular order here): he is intelligent,  he always has his own opinion, and he can be a foreign minister. Those really are the three most frequently encountered descriptions. This time, too, Süddeutsche Zeitung could not avoid it in its individual critique: 

[Philipp Lahm] is already the employer of the month at FC Bayern. Celebrates the success on the best-selling list and hears mockery, which is a clear indication of fame. At a prominent meeting in Munich, got to hear this verdict in the presence of the president Uli Hoeneß: it is not believable that he crossed the street without a school crossing patrol and that he should have proofread his book better before it was published. Thus, finds himself clearly on the course to the Chancellery. In the match against Freiburg [he] had time to wonder about envy and whiners. Joined in and saved his forces for an official trip to Spain. At the same time, can also train for a post of the foreign minister as an alternative. Ended his work day around the 63rd minute and got applause. Apparently, increases his popularity ratings again after the recent excitement about his book. (my translation)

Aside from several portions of irony and/or sarcasm that is obviously present in the description, I do think it is a rather cool one. Moreover, I do regard it as praise, even though it might not be viewed as such by some people. If one is believed to be suited for a foreign minister’s post, it says a lot about that person. Hence, go Philipp!



  1. Lahm’s tackle in the 14th min. is really fantastic! I enjoy watching he does such amazing skills everytime! And it is wonderful to see Lahm took a rest. :)

    1. Hi =)

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

      Yeah, it was amazing. I wish somebody had a .gif image of it or something…

  2. Thank you for your wonderful post! As to the Süddeutsche Zeitung article, I don’t understand the sentence “It is not believable that he crossed the street without a school crossing patrol”. I mean, I don’t know a word of German. And I do not understand what the president’s implication was. Did he mean the book has been checked by FC Bayern before publishing? My understanding is: Publishing the book=cross the street, a school crossing patrol=the club’s checking? After all, an article from Sportbild says Uli Hoeneß and the club’s Media Director have read the manuscript of the book before publication. (I don’t know whether it is true. But given the fact that FC Bayern has been behind his back since the book caused quite a stir, it is possible that the club has given its approval before publication. But I don’t understand the sentence. Could you please kindly explain it to me? Sigh, I don’t speak German! I guess I must learn the language some day! Your German is so wonderful!

    1. Hi Jessie!

      Thank you for commenting!

      I, too, think that publishing the book, or more generally, doing something on his own, is crossing the street. Considering the fact that Lahm is often compared to a school kid, that parallel seems quite appropriate. So, I agree with you on that one.
      With regard to the “school crossing patrol”, I think it refers to the fact that he got help from somebody, and I believe it to be his agent, Roman Grill. I mean, he talks to him quite often, and it’s Grill who advises him in different matters.

      On the other hand, your idea, too, makes sense. FC Bayern did read the book (I am sure they did because he talks about them as well.) So, perhaps it could mean the club’s checking like you have suggested.

      In any case, what I think SZ (the newspaper) is saying is that obviously Lahm has managed to do what he did with someone’s help, which is understandable. (And I believe it’s important to emphasize that it’s the newspaper’s reaction, not Uli’s, ’cause it’s not even a quote.) That’s why SZ says that it would be foolish (not believable) to assume that Lahm just kind of did it without any advice whatsoever. Also, it seems SZ assumes that FC Bayern thought Lahm should have proofread the book first, as in “thought about what he was writing before publishing”, which I am 100% sure Lahm did =) But I don’t remember hearing anything like that from the board itself. Their reaction seemed more of a “whatever…” to me =)

      Hope this helps :D

      1. Hi Unavis! Thank you for your reply! I have read some translated parts of his book and known him better. He is ambitious and devoted to football, always ready to work harder than other persons to become suceessful. I also admire his self-control and discipline.

        1. Hi Jessie =)

          You’re very welcome ;)

          And I agree with you on how you’ve characterized him =)

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