Lahm And His Upcoming Interview In NEON Magazine

I have been thinking about the following question since morning: if things have not been published yet, how do newspapers know who said what in those unpublished materials? I mean, do they have some kind of technique that I only wish I had? Here is the reason I am wondering about it. Apparently, in the October issue of Neon magazine there will be an interview with Lahm. It is September now, but already today there are articles about what Lahm says in that interview. Do they all do some sort of PR for each other? I mean, does a newspaper do some PR for a magazine?..

All the technical aspects aside, according to, Lahm points out in that interview that his relationship with Ballack is “not as bad as many believe.” (Does not surprise me.)

Among other things, the accusation of Bayer’s manager, Rudi Völler, that he has taken Ballack’s job through an intrigue, Lahm would not hold to be true. “He was injured. I took over his post. Then I was asked if I would like to remain captain. I gave an honest answer. It would have been a bad sign for the team if I had answered, ‘Nah, I don’t want to be captain anymore. Somebody else should do it’ .” (my translation)

Amen to that, Philipp. I do not know if one could have made it any clearer.

Lahm fends off the assumption that, while on vacation in Greece, he intentionally stayed at the same hotel as Löw. “A coincidence! I’m lying on the beach and suddenly see the head coach three meters away from me. We talked briefly. I also didn’t hold back on the hotel bar because of him.” (my translation)

As one of my friends jokes, there is a conspiracy going on! *laugh* I am glad he liked the bar, though. *laugh*

Furthermore, the full-back goes one better in the earlier “leading player” debate with Oliver Kahn. “I don’t see myself as a boss. I see myself as part of the team. Is there a boss in FC Barcelona? No. The time of a cocky boss on the pitch is gone.” Such being the case, he is “not a hypocrite. I can be quite exhausting for bosses because  I always speak my mind. I do so in my book as well.” (my translation)

So, what he is saying here is a plain “bite me!” Way to go!

Lahm is occasionally inconvenient even for his teammates, but never bossy. “Sometimes I urge [them]: ‘Concentrate!’ But I don’t say that somebody is shit. I have to play together with this player till the end of a game, probably till the end of a season. Perhaps, even for a few years,” he says. (my translation)

Fine by me, and I do think it makes total sense.

Lahm tells that, as a child, he was teased by his classmates because of his height (170cm). There were, therefore, days when he would have wanted to be 20cm taller. Since then, Lahm has discarded his former nickname ‘Fipsi’; only family members are likely to still call him that, he says. (my translation)

Well, who is laughing now? (I am taking about the height.) Go, Lahm!

So, first he points out that he does not care about blogs. (Granted, it was with regard to Oliver Kahn’s blog, but my feelings were, nevertheless, hurt. *laugh*) Now he says that only friends and family call him Fipsi. (I feel ashamed because I have called him Fips several times already. *laugh*)

Bottom line: I want to read the interview and am really hoping to find it online once it is published. I do admit that, as soon as Lahm speaks, I am all ears.


  1. The October issue of the magazine NEON came out on September 12, whereas the Merkur article about Lahm’s interview with NEON was published on September 15. That’s why Merkur knows about his interview in NEON ;) .

    1. Hi =)

      Oh, ok. That makes sense! Thanks a bunch for letting me know!

      Now I have to wait for the Neon website to start functioning properly again, and hopefully I’ll get the article =)

      Thanks again!

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