FC Schalke 04 vs. Bayern

Alright. I admit it. I was nervous. Sometimes I think that my nervousness can somehow transmit right through my computer screen and to the players. That is why I prefer to stay calm. (If I manage to do it, that is.) So, it is hard to say who became agitated first yesterday, the players or I, but it did seem to me like they were a bit chaotic, a bit hasty in the first half. Perhaps, it was because they were trying to score a fast goal, but it was not working out.

Lahm made some nice runs, and I would single out the one around the 53rd+ minute. He ran in the direction of Schalke‘s penalty area and gave a pass to Thomas, but the latter did not score. Overall, I think his main function was working in the defense (duh!) In that regard, I would probably point to the 72nd+ minute, when he stopped the ball, quite nicely if I may add, preventing the opponent to move forward, and charged ahead.

Even though Ribéry appeared to be the Man of the Match, we all know why he was able to get creative. (Not to diminish his own talent, but nevertheless.)

The statistics assert that:

  • Lahm had the most touches (94)
  • Lahm completed the most passes (65)
  • Lahm completed more than double the amount of passes of Höwedes.

In their post-match critique, Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote:

Among Bayern’s players, [he] was the first to finish warming-up. Nevertheless, he was obviously warmed-up enough to run up and down the left flank with great commitment. Often, it had to do with Jefferson Farfan. However, [he] also showed a lot of offensive spirit. Had some fine solos and nice passes in his repertoire. Hence, confirmed his theory of the quiet but powerful leading players. (my translation)

I feel like I would ramble on and on about that last sentence of their critique, if given a chance, while having a malicious-and-happy smile on my face, but I will not. So, let me hear “Heck yeah!” I am simply going to do my little dance here. Oh, yeah… Way to go, Philipp!

Finally, I think I am going to finish this post with a quote from one of the online users, who said about yesterday’s match, “Holy Jesus, Lahm is insane!” ©


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