Lahm And His Upcoming Radio Interview

So, today I came across some kind of press release for the media that talks about Lahm’s upcoming appearance on HR2-Kultur (radio).

Just a friendly reminder: it is meant for the media, and the press release is not even complete. Obviously, I have not heard the interview yet, so I cannot tell in what context/how/why he says what this press release suggests he says. In case you are a judgy person, hold off your judgment a bit. *smile*

He decided, who and when went to eat

Philipp Lahm about Louis van Gaal on HR2-Kultur

On this coming Wednesday, starting at 12pm*, Philipp Lahm (27), who has made headlines with the criticism of his coaches, once again criticizes his former Bayern coach, Louis van Gaal, on HR2-Kultur. [He points out,] “Me too, I put a lot of emphasis on discipline, especially in a large group, but Van Gaal partially ordained what one had to wear, how one went to eat, who should stand up, who sat next to you, who sat across from you, which table got up first… There were very many good things, but there was a couple of things that one should have changed.”

In conversation with the HR2 moderator, Martin Maria Schwarz, the National Team player says winning the World Cup is still his dream. “One works on it every day. It doesn’t happen on its own that one automatically wins the title, even if one has already gotten third place at the World Cup, second place at the European Championship, and again third place at the World Cup,” says Lahm. “One has to always work hard, and then you’ll get to the top at some point. That is our task in the coming years. But we have a very good team that has a very good quality. Thus, we have a possibility of winning the World Cup, but, of course, one can’t calculate that. One can never predict who comes onto the pitch as a winner. That is what makes football so exciting.”

In the game of Doppelkopf** on HR2, Philipp Lahm reveals his favorite football player, “In my opinion, Lionel Messi is THE footballer.” [my note: he adds that it is nice to meet in the Champions League]

(my translation)

*the CET/CEST (for those of you who are not familiar with the time differences, it is 12pm German time)

** The game is believed to have originated form Schafkopf, the Bavarian version. Lahm has mentioned on several occasions that it is  his favorite game. At some point, he also said that Manuel Neuer now plays with them, too. It appears Philipp has a certain number of his teammates with whom he often plays it. *big smile*

The interesting thing is that Lahm recorded this interview back in August, even before publishing his book. He talked about it on his FB page, and I have been wondering when we will hear it. Sure enough, here we are, a month later. I am psyched that I will finally get a chance to listen to it, but I do not like the timing. I mean, it makes it seem like Lahm just cannot stop talking about his coaches, when in reality it has been a while. Also, look at how they have framed the press release: the title is rather sensationalist. I can only image what the media might (will?) do with it in the next few days.

And Messi… Did he have to choose Messi? Really? I was hoping it would be somebody else, but alas! I wonder if there were any other options. *laugh* As to the life under Van Gaal, it sounds a bit creepy.

In any case, I am looking forward to this interview!



  1. If you can’t wait for his radio interview, perhaps this video can distract you a bit :) :

    1. Hi =)

      Yeah, I have already seen this one, but thanks for the link all the same =))

      I kind of feel bad for Philipp that they’ve filmed what was in his luggage =))

  2. […] so he talks about Louis van Gaal’s somewhat authoritarian regime (I have mentioned it here) but also mentions his system and how it was good for Bayern. In addition, Lahm mentions Klinsmann […]

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