Lahm At Volkstheater

This post is most likely going to be as much about Lahm at the Volkstheater as it is going to be about me complaining that I do not live in Munich. On Philipp’s official website, it says that he will be presenting his book to the public at the Volkstheater in Munich this Sunday, September 25th. (It is, in fact, a theater.) Christoph Süß will be a moderator. I am not sure whether they have planned it or it is because of all the excitement around his book that they have decided to do this presentation. It definitely gives Philipp a possibility of clearing things up, defending his position, or answering burning questions from the public. And I do not mean “defending” as in “excusing himself”. I mean it as “presenting his point of view”.

All of that makes me wonder if, maybe, I should relocate to Munich… I would love to go to the Volkstheater. I suppose Philipp and Süß will sit at a table on stage, discuss his book, and Lahm will answer questions from the audience. Or even if they decide not to take people’s questions, it will be a thought-provoking conversation, I am sure of it. When Philipp has a chance of answering interesting questions (from an interviewer, a moderator, etc.) and/or explain himself, it is a great thing to listen to. It basically gives his words a whole new dimension.

So, if any of you readers, lurkers, are planning on attending this event, PLEASE let me know how it goes. I would really appreciate it!

PS.: a brief overview of Philipp’s interview on HR2-Kultur is coming up along with the link.

PPS.: I am also planning on contacting the theater, e.g. their representative, to find out if they will post a transcript of the conversation and/or provide a short video. I mean, c’mon! Philipp’s fans want to be up to date! *laugh*



  1. But on his homepage is written that the presentation of his book won’t be this Sunday…

    I’m sure there will be some report about it on TV.

    1. Hi =)

      They just changed it today. It was written there yesterday. The circumstances must have changed. I wonder why…

      As to the reports on TV, well… I won’t be able to watch them anyway =)) So, somebody will have to tell me about it =)

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