Turkey vs. Germany: EURO 2012 Qualifiers

Watching a match of the German National Team is a perfect thing to do on a Friday. I did miss the first several minutes of the game, though, because I thought it would start later than it actually did. I wonder if seeing that would have made me more nervous. Why? Simply because I was not very fond of Germany’s way of playing when I tuned in.

It seemed sloppy and somewhat chaotic to me. I felt like die Mannschaft allowed Turkey to create too many chances, and I also was not very impressed with what they were showing in the attack. However, after Mario’s goal it appeared to me that things were going to change. And they did. But then they scored the second one, and it seemed the team relaxed a bit. Not a very good thing to do. Nevertheless, I do think they were motivated, even knowing that they have already qualified. I am sure they were motivated. Perhaps, their eagerness translated into nervousness or into rushing things, and that is why I got the impression I got.

As to Lahm, I thought it was not his strongest match. In the first half, he was mainly in the defensive mode, which, in my opinion, was exactly the thing the team needed, but it appeared a bit shaky. I believe that he got more active in the second half. Not only did he become less frantic in the defense, but he also took part in the attack.

Spiegel wrote,

Demonstrated a week performance in the first half, but he also didn’t receive any help in the defense on his side from Lukas Podolski. In the second half, [his] performance was more confident. However, on his side he didn’t prevent the cross that resulted in a goal. Really solicited for a breather against Belgium. (my translation)

Westdeutsche Zeitung points out,

The captain unusually often allowed [Turkey] to create chances on his side. He didn’t have a real desire to showcase his talents in the offensive. (my translation)

With regard to Spiegel‘s assessment, I do agree with their opinion of Podolski. I felt like he did not help Lahm that much. But I disagree with their perception of Turkey’s goal. If one watches the replay, I believe it is evident that Lahm did everything to prevent that cross, but the problem was that nobody had marked the Turkish player on the other side. That is why the goal was conceded. In response to WZ‘s critique, I do agree with it, but there is one little thing that I am not so convinced of. In particular, I do not think Lahm did not have a desire to participate in the offense. I think it was more about him making sure that the defense worked well. The Turkish National Team was fast, putting plenty of pressure on Germany’s defense, so I do not think it would have been wise for him to get lost in helping the attack. But, overall, just like I have pointed out: not his best performance.

That being said, congrats to die Jungs! Way to go!

PS.: I liked how everyone came up to talk to Hamit (Altintop) afterwards.



  1. I must confess, I watched the game at a bar with my friends and I had a couple of beers, so my memory is not that clear, but I have been observing this for a while now: Lahm is so exceedingly good at anticipating his opponent’s next move, it’s not even funny. Can’t nobody tackle like he can, and most of the time it’s a clean tackle and the ball reaches one of his teammates. BUT. I remember him being much more committed and fast when it comes to chasing wing players. These days it seems as though they slip past him too often for my own taste. I wish he’d find back to his old form. He’s still one of the most consistingly good players, which is a good thing because right now Boateng is proving to be a pretty decent wing back, and I just don’t want to think about a couple of years from now when all those twenty-year-olds take over my beautiful Bayern team and die Mannschaft.

    1. Andi~

      Thanks a lot for commenting! I can’t believe you weren’t really paying attention with all that beer and stuff lol Shame on you :D
      I know exactly what you mean when you talk about his ability to read his opponent’s next move. It is simply amazing. And when he is at his best, it’s something out of this world. I have goosebumps even thinking about it.

      I would disagree with you, though, about wingers going often past him. Even in this season, he has already had some absolutely fantastic performances. (Not to mention his brilliance at the World Cup 2010).
      It’s only normal that there is some fluctuation in his performance.

      As to twenty-year-old guys taking over, well… It’s inevitable =) That’s why I am enjoying every second of what we have now ;) And you should do the same :D

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