Bayern vs. Hertha Berlin: And That’s the Way I Like It

I cannot believe I am writing this post almost right after the game! *laugh* Getting caught up in my routine sometimes makes it impossible to get to writing right away. But here I am… The sun made its appearance today, and Bayern won against Hertha Berlin. I think one can definitely call it a good day. *grin*

Overall, it was a quiet game. Surely, Bayern scored four goals, so it was not a “silent” game, but it went by in a very relaxing manner. Hertha did not really create any good chances. The commentator even expressed his concern, wondering if Hertha would be creating any chances whatsoever. (However, I would like to thank Hertha players for the fair play.) They did not. I thought everyone did a great job at their respective positions, and Lahm did his. I have seen the statistics that said Lahm had completed the most passes in this match, which was 97. Out of the whole match I would single out the following episodes:

the 49th+ minute – The ball is about to cross the sideline, but Lahm keeps it in play by doing, if I may say so, an elegant sliding tackle. (Yep, that’s right. An elegant tackle. It was so smooth and just beautiful.) The crowd cheers and applauds. The commentator remarks, “A good control from the skipper.” You bet!

the 53rd+ minute – Ben-Hatira (Hertha) is on Bayern‘s half of the field, on Lahm’s side, trying to get the ball into the penalty area. Lahm does a quick tackle, fights for the ball, and Ben-Hatira loses the fight. The crowd cheers and applauds. The commentator says with a certain satisfaction in his voice, “Oh, Philipp Lahm showing us that he is still one of the best left-backs, or full-backs in the business.” What can I say? Heck yeah!

  • Raffael tries to pass the ball to one of his teammates waiting for it in Bayern‘s penalty area, but Lahm saw it coming, so he prevented the pass and got the ball to his team.

the 55th+ minute – Kroos passes the ball to Lahm who passes it to Müller, while going forward. He gets very close to Hertha‘s goal, gets a pass back from Müller, shoots the ball… and Thomas Kraft saves the day! You should have seen my reaction which basically consisted of screaming “WHY?!” And then also, “Why can’t he just score?! Is that too much to ask for?!” *laugh* But I think Kraft saw it coming, not to mention the fact that, in my opinion, the ball was a bit high. There was not enough time to do it properly. The crows cheers and applauds. Lahm is frustrated, and one can see it. *smile* He might have kicked the ball, too. I could not really tell. In any case, it was a beautiful combination. The commentator screams, “Oh, that should’ve been four nil! […] But that was a joy to watch here. Terrific ball from Müller. Fantastic control from the skipper.” Well, like I have said… Heck yeah!

In the 78th minute, Contento comes on for Lahm, which is the right decision, considering the upcoming match against Napoli in the Champions League next week. Lahm shakes the referee’s hand and, while running off the field, gives a pat on the back to his buddy Ottl. I thought that was an awesome gesture.

There were moments when Lahm would open up, but his teammates were not just paying attention. I have noticed that in the National Team, too, especially with André Schürrle. There have already been several instances when Lahm would pass the ball, go forward, open up, and Schürrle would not look around to notice that. Hence, a wasted combination. I hope they will look up more often. *smile* But then again, today Müller looked up, but it did not work out. *laugh*

When writing about Lahm’s performance, Süddeutsche Zeitung concludes,

Has been playing for FC Bayern for so long that he, of course, remembers playing with, now exiled, Bayern colleagues in Hertha jerseys (Kraft, Ottl, Lell). In the 55th minute, [he] obviously shook from pity as he couldn’t score a goal from five meters. Got briefly annoyed, but then switched back to the Lahm-mode and didn’t attract any further attention. (my translation)

I love the first part of the last sentence. Even though I do feel a certain degree of sarcasm in it, I still love it. The Lahm-mode. Nice. *grin* And that’s the way I like it.


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