A Match, A Signing

I think that if people discovered life on Mars or Jupiter, their reaction would probably be similar to that they had after Bayern‘s match against Napoli in the Champions League on Tuesday. It would be a sort of “WHAT?” moment. I caught only the last 20 minutes of it, and even I could tell that the team was not quite up to their own standard. My first thought was, “Why are they so slow?” Philipp’s performance in those 2o minutes seemed fine to me, but then I read what people had to say about the whole match. As far as I understand, it was bad. Hence, the “life on Mars” metaphor at the beginning. I have read things like “even Lahm made mistakes”, and frankly, they made me laugh. No, it was not because I was happy about his not-so-good performance, but it was rather because I could almost hear people’s bewilderment when they said, “Even Lahm…” The title of one article was Das war Lahm (That was Lahm), even though it discussed the whole match, mentioning Lahm in just one paragraph or so. I guess people were shocked. *grin” It seems to me the shock came from the fact that Lahm is in a league of his own. He gets compared to himself. But I know that no one is as harsh on Philipp as he is on himself. Therefore, I believe there is no question about not giving his best.

On a side note, what makes me happy, though, is the fact that Napoli did not score a goal. *laugh*

On Thursday the team got a free day, and Philipp had a signing session in Munich. Oh, how I wish I lived there! (Yes, I am complaining. *laugh*) It looks so much fun! I would definitely get in line with my copy of his book. On the FB page, Lahm expressed his joy at how awesome the signing had been. He also mentioned an elderly man who stood in line for his grandson. I have to say that was touching.

Here is a video about the signing, in which Lahm says that, being an active football player in Germany and writing a book about it certainly makes one expect some criticism. Nevertheless, he points out that he did not expect such a hurricane. *laugh* The reporter mentions the criticism of his former coaches. (Can we get past that? The book is not about that. But whatever…) Lahm once again says that he has simply described his experiences and what he has achieved. He believes it is a nice book and is a pleasant read. (I completely agree. From what I have read so far, I am not the only one who thinks so.) It really does look like the event was absolutely superb! I am sure people had fun.

Thanks, Philipp, for doing that!



  1. I’m a little worried about Philipp. He’s been tired recently, and did not play well in yesterday’s match against Hannover. I was sorry for that penalty, and for that match. But we could see that everyone on the pitch was trying their best to score. They wanted to win. Although it turned out to be an unlucky game…

    1. Rui~

      Thanks for commenting! Yep, it happens. But you know, there are bad days, there are good days. Let’s hope for more good days! =)

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