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Lahm’s And Kahn’s Interview to SportBild: Part II

Once again, a HUGE thank you to “Ever” for providing me with the original. Here we go… SB: How much is required of a person who has a double captaincy? Advertisements

Bayern vs. Borussia Dortmund: Oh, well…

I have not awaited this match with plenty of impatience like some have, even though I recognized its significance. But even so, I started watching it with calmness and concentration. Am I upset about the result? Hmm… It is difficult to say. Would I have wanted Bayern to win? Yes, of course. However, I believe […]

Lahm’s And Kahn’s Interview To SportBild: Part I

Writing about someone’s interview in the middle of the night is probably not the best way to do it, but it is what it is. *smile* I have definitely some things to say on the subject, but I will comment after having translated the whole interview. Here is the first part, and hopefully, the second […]


Do you have a photo album? The one that you can actually touch? It appears that CEWE FOTOBUCH is the largest photo service in Europe. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) Philipp Lahm is, so to speak, a future brand ambassador for CEWE. More specifically, he will be their representative for the next two […]

Lahm’s Interview To Yahoo!Sport

Has anyone ever noticed that one’s routine can take up too much time? It certainly does and, as if that was not already enough, it can make one feel a bit out of the loop. I have heard about the interview that Lahm and Kahn gave to SportBild a day or two ago. Cannot wait […]

Happy Birthday To The World’s Greatest!

I often ask myself if people can feel positive energy at a distance, and this is one of those cases. ‘Why?’ you might ask. The answer is quite simple: I wonder if Philipp can feel all the positivity that I am sending his way today. ‘As always’ you might say. No, not quite. Today is […]