Do you have a photo album? The one that you can actually touch? It appears that CEWE FOTOBUCH is the largest photo service in Europe. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) Philipp Lahm is, so to speak, a future brand ambassador for CEWE. More specifically, he will be their representative for the next two years. Their partnership started two years ago, and CEWE will support Lahm’s summer camp again in 2012. Apparently, he and his wife have ordered photo albums with pictures from their wedding (one for themselves) and have given them as gifts to their family members. Sounds good to me. Looks good, too. CEWE is happy to have him on board. Lahm should come as an addition to the existing CEWE family and attract new target groups. (The image of Lahm as a bait comes to my mind.) But let me tell you this: he can sell whatever and whenever to me. I will buy it. No doubt about that. *laugh*


In addition, from the end of November until the 31st of January, people will have a chance of winning a trip for two to Munich, a stay at a 5-star hotel, tickets to a football game followed by the Meet&Greet with Philipp Lahm in the VIP area. The question is: why don’t I live in Germany?! I would definitely apply. Chances of winning would not be that high, but I would try. *grin*

Here are a couple of videos:

The TV-commercial (Wow! That kick was pretty good, I have to say.)

The “Making of” (in the beginning, they basically talk about how he, being a football player, is trying/involved in other things, such as making this commercial, and so on; judging by what I see, it seems everyone was having fun since Lahm appeared to be goofing around)

I have come to the conclusion that Lahm looks like the Cheshire Cat. You know, that smile of his and all…


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