Bayern vs. Borussia Dortmund: Oh, well…

I have not awaited this match with plenty of impatience like some have, even though I recognized its significance. But even so, I started watching it with calmness and concentration. Am I upset about the result? Hmm… It is difficult to say. Would I have wanted Bayern to win? Yes, of course. However, I believe that the score à la Spain (0:1) means that my team did at least something right, so I cannot be upset. (I also think that the goal was rather due to Götze’s skill than to Boateng’s mistake, although the latter did make it.) Before making commenting on the match itself and Lahm’s performance, a little something about the referee. It seems I should get used to the idea that sometimes I simply do not understand why a referee does what he does. Without blaming the result on him, I have to say that some of his decisions were rather strange. You know it when you see Lahm throwing his hands up in the air and going to talk to the referee. For example, that whole episode with a Dortmund player falling and rolling on the ground as if he suffered a major hit was pathetic. Yet, he did not get a yellow card for that. On the other hand, Holger Badstuber played the ball and got a yellow card. Oh, the wonders of football…

In my opinion, the second half was more dynamic – I am talking about Bayern – than the first half. I wish they started the match that way. They were somewhat cautious and did have some bad passes in terms of precision, but the idea was there. As to Lahm, I believe he had a good game. Perhaps, he was a bit conservative today, a bit cautious, but it was solid. Good tackles, good interceptions, good dribbling. I do not think that going forward was a very feasible option for him today. He had to do his primary job first. Lahm did make two light mistakes in the first half. Other than that, he gave a good performance. Also, I felt like at times he was moving toward the center in order to ignite some additional creativity. One of his tackles in the second half was an absolute beauty. When he does those, sometimes I feel he is basically saying, “Take that, [insert any bad word here]!”

Overall, this is what Süddeutsche Zeitung has to say about his input,

Suffered from severe withdrawal symptoms during the week: all his colleagues were permitted to play for the National Team, Lahm took a break. Against Dortmund [he] was always highly concentrated, allowed hardly anything to Dortmund’s strong right side with Mario Götze and Lukasz Piszczek. Being in this form, he should soon join the National Team again. Most definitely. (my translation)

‘Nuff said, I think. I am waiting for the away game in Dortmund. 


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