Lahm’s And Kahn’s Interview to SportBild: Part II

Once again, a HUGE thank you to “Ever” for providing me with the original.

Here we go…

SB: How much is required of a person who has a double captaincy?

Kahn: Philipp also asks himself a question as to how one always performs at a high level and meets all demands. It’s very exhausting. In my case, it resulted in reaching the borderline of my forces, which then showed trough certain aggressiveness and through being emotional on the pitch. Later on, I could channel it better. To fulfill all demands and to care for the team is a Herculean task, and only a few players succeed.

Philipp Lahm: Oliver is right. At Bayern, one has to care about the team’s structure, just as in the National Team. Constantly. It is very exhausting. In my case, it doesn’t result in aggressiveness. But I feel a little bit of fatigue, stress.

SB: It almost seems like you have similar points of view. Where does the debate come from?

Kahn: The essential difference is that nowadays the work of a team is very integrative. Back in my time, you, being 18-year-old, weren’t looked at and had to pay attention in order to come back from the training ground in one piece. Today young players are immediately given an opportunity to feel at ease. Remember: everyone can’t be equal. An 18-year-old can’t tell Philipp how to beat the opponent on Saturday.

Philipp Lahm: Oliver, I have witnessed both periods. One has to evolve (develop) and, above all, be a part of the team. That has changed dramatically. A hierarchy is still important, but young players are a faster part of the team…

Kahn: …and it’s better this way! During a discussion, there was a feeling of the conflict of generations, which was an absolute nonsense. I am convinced that generations can profit [from each other’s presence] and learn from one another if they communicate with the corresponding respect. The stereotyped thinking, such as “Kahn shakes his teammates, and he views that as leadership”, is oversimplified. I’m not sure whether I would have been a captain of FC Bayern and the National Team for so long if those had been the only qualities.

SB: Back to the core of this discussion, i.e. the lack of titles. What’s the situation regarding the EURO 2012?

Philipp Lahm: There is nothing more to celebrate if we don’t win a title. With the National Team, we aren’t satisfied with a semi-final and a nice game anymore. We want a title. We, the players, believe in it, the nation believes in it. Each one of us realizes that.

Kahn: Also, certain calmness is important on the way [to the title]. When one wants to force a title, it will be difficult. One needs a mixture of calmness and will.

SB: And that is coming out of your mouth, Mr. Kahn?

Kahn: Don’t get me wrong, the will is very important. But one must not get tense. The will was a basis for winning the Champions League in 2001 after losing the final in1999. And I have a very good feeling that the National Team can win the EURO 2012. And FC Bayern with Philipp can reach the final of the Champions League in 2012.

SB: Mr. Lahm, to what extent is the memory of the final 2010 (against Inter Milan) still present within the team?

Philipp Lahm: Today we would play differently in such a game. The team would have a different spirit, a different mood. The conviction, to be able to win that game, is quite different.

Kahn: Today Thomas Müller would calmly score that goal by taking the big chance he had in that final. The team has matured.

SB: And depends less on luck?

Philipp Lahm: A little bit of luck is always needed; Bayern needed it in 2001, too.

Kahn: (laughs) A little bit is good!

Philipp Lahm: In 2010, out of 10 games against Barcelona, we would win a half. Now the situation is different. Now we have a possibility of winning two games against a strong (big) opponent without having a certain player or without being completely dependent on luck. 

SB: In reality, how strong is Bayern nowadays?

Philipp Lahm: First of all, it shows when there are problems. Then one can see how stable a team is. At the moment, everything is nice and good. There is no doubt that we have a good team. But in order to make a lasting impression, we need an international title.

Kahn: Philipp is right. The quality of a team shows itself when the difficult times come. The absence of Schweinsteiger is problematic. But there are enough leading players at FC Bayern, even some of them have been irritated because of my words. It is important to always question yourself, to be self-critical about your performance, and to reflect. That moves you forward. Most players get enough pats on the back, for the most part, that constantly tell them how good they are. I know that from my time as an active football player.

SB: Is Bayern stopped in the Liga?

Kahn: I have a bit provocatively said that Bayern will win the Championship with a 10-point difference. At the most, Dortmund could become dangerous again. For the match against Nuremberg, I was at the stadium: sorry, but I have rarely seen such a difference in class.

SB: Is it Bayern’s strategy to hold on to the best players?

Kahn: From FC Bayern’s point of view, it’s a comprehensible strategy. As a “small” side effect, the concurrent should think about how they can adequately replace players who have transferred.

SB: You, Mr. Lahm, has lately spoken in favor of Marco Reus.

Philipp Lahm: I only said that he is a good German player…

Kahn: A typical journalist’s question! It doesn’t matter how you answer the question, Philipp, one will always ascribe you something.

Philipp Lahm: Exactly! “XY should come” or “What does Lahm have against XY?”

(both laugh out loud)

SB: Therefore, the following question is only for you, Mr. Kahn. Should Reus and Götze come to Bayern?

Kahn: Bayern will definitely try to get those players. Usually, they have a good argument that a player can hardly resist.

SB: As a closure, has one of you read the biography of the other?

Philipp Lahm: Yes, I have read Oliver’s book during my vacation. Very interesting!

Kahn: Haven’t I given you it as a gift? Once I distributed it in the locker room.

Philipp Lahm: No, I, myself, bought it.

Kahn: I would like to have a copy from you personally, with a dedication.

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  1. Wow, my favourite two players! lol
    Happy to see they understand each other very much, though they are different kind of people.
    I love this interview, especially the last part! ahaha

    1. Rui~

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the interview, even though I have a somewhat different take on it ;)

  2. A typically cautious interview by Philipp..nice one mate :)

    -A fan from India

    1. Arjun~

      Thank you for leaving a comment! =)

      I wouldn’t say it’s about being cautious this time; to me, it’s more about “whatever, I am who I am” in this case :D

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