“Ein Traum ist kein Ziel” ~ Philipp Lahm

It has been a month since my last post, and I am amazed at how fast the time flies. The daily routine has sucked me in, but there have been no thoughts of neglecting this blog. Ain’t thinking about that. The year of 2011 is coming to its end, and it is curious to see what it has brought.

To start at the end, the match against Köln was absolutely phenomenal. I would have never guessed if somebody had told me Bayern would win with 10 men. In my opinion, they started playing even better once there were only 10 of them. I liked everything about the game except Ribéry’s behavior. The result certainly made me happy, but who knows how it could have turned out. As to the last match of the season, i.e. that in the German Cup, I thought it was a pretty good game for Philipp, too. But looking back at the first half of the season, the question remains: will Lahm score in the near future? *smile* It has been long over due considering all those runs and opportunities that he has had. I really hope it will work out because, let’s face it, I would not mind seeing him scoring a goal once in a while.

In his video on Facebook, Lahm says that it has been a turbulent year, and I believe that is probably the best way to describe it. Taking a look back at it, the year has been quite eventful. From the K-Frage to Louis van Gaal’s situation, from Bayern desperately trying to come third in the Bundesliga to Philipp taking charge of the team (for real) in those desperate times, from Jupp Heynckes to new transfers, from Philipp taking charge of the National Team to die Mannschaft winning all ten qualification games, from Philipp’s book to overwhelming response in the form of criticism and damning interjections, from Kahn’s criticism to Philipp’s response and conviction to stay true to himself to Bayern becoming the Herbstmeister, it has been a heck of a ride, hasn’t it? And every time he amazed me. (I have to admit, though, that the “book” week was one of my stressful weeks.)

As part of the annual visits to Bayern’s fan clubs, Lahm visited the one in Möckenlohe. If you have not already seen the pictures, here is the link. It looks like Philipp has been sent to the kids’ fan club. *smile* Jokes aside, I am sure that everyone had a great time. One of the articles I had read on the subject reported that one of the older fans asked Philipp to tell Toni Kroos to shave. I laughed out loud, reading that one! Lahm promised that he would let Toni know about that.

Also, the presentation of his book, that was originally scheduled for September but then had to be rescheduled, took place on the 30th of November at Volkstheater in Munich. After that, there was a signing session. I wish I was there for both. The event was not sold out, and I am not sure that I should be concerned in this case. After all, it is a presentation of the book three months after it has been released. (I do understand though that they could not do it as soon as the book came out.) It must have been an interesting evening all the same no matter what the journalists say.

Some time before the end of the season there was a press conference with Philipp. Needless to say, I enjoy all of his press conferences, and it is always interesting to listen to him. (Sure, it also depends on questions asked; if a question is worthless, the answer cannot be that great either.) I could even categorize his press conferences. However, for now, it is enough to say there are press conferences at which he speaks with such conviction that makes me go, “Wow…” The one I am talking about was of that kind. The atmosphere was good, and in addition to questions about Bayern and football, there were some about Christmas. In particular, there was one related to buying gifts, giving presents, or something along those lines. As if he was saying “duh!” to the reporter, Philipp had a completely serious expression on his face when he answered, “Father Christmas brings presents.” No more questions on that subject followed. *smile* What a delight! It is so Philipp. Immediately after, Lahm gave one of his Cheshire-cat-like smiles and turned to another reporter, ready to answer the next question. It has to be one of the funniest and most classic Philipp-moments of this year.

I chose Philipp’s quote as the title for this post because it is one of my favorite quotes. It says, “A dream is not a goal.” Simple but true. Dreaming is not enough. There are several dreams, turned into goals, that are important for Lahm to achieve in the coming year.

So, without further due, I would like to wish him a very Happy New Year! May he achieve all his goals! May he be healthy, happy, and loved!  Let’s go, Philip!

And I wish a very Happy New Year to all my readers! Thank you for reading, commenting, and caring about Lahm. I am looking forward to reading you comments in 2012!


Warm wishes,



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