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A Mover And A Shaper? Check!

“How many hands does the God have? – A hundred. – Well, if the God can’t solve all problems with his one hundred hands, what can you do with yours two?” ~ A character in the movie “Paheli” Yesterday I came across an interesting video on the Spiegel website. It talks about a press conference […]

Lahm’s Comments On Breno’s Tweet And Other Matters

So, I imagine that everyone has heard about Breno’s tweet by now. At first, I refused to believe that such thing had taken place, but it appears that, at least for once, what people were saying happened to be the truth. It looks like Abendzeitung has asked Lahm to comment on this matter, among other […]

Lahm In Interview To “Frankfurter Rundschau”: Part I

I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of Frankfurter Rundschau when it comes to reading articles about Lahm. Of course, nothing is perfect and/or positive all the time, but sometimes they are too eager to jump on the Lahm-hate bandwagon. I do, however, thank them for interviewing him. As a matter […]

Lahm In Exclusive Interview To Bild: “Without a title, we are not a golden generation.”

Bild has conducted an exclusive interview with Philipp Lahm, so here it is. (Frankly, I am not sure how much exclusivity there is. I would imagine the journalist from Bild was not the only one who asked Philipp for an interview, but, of course, I am happy that there is, indeed, an interview.) Philipp Lahm […]

Lahm Speaks Up On Homophobia In Professional Football

The article published by Focus Online puts an emphasis on Lahm and his opinion on homosexuality in professional football. That makes me wonder: didn’t they got the message the first time? I mean, how many times will Lahm have to explain his point of view? Perhaps, I am being too critical of the media. Perhaps. […]