Lahm’s Comments On Breno’s Tweet And Other Matters

So, I imagine that everyone has heard about Breno’s tweet by now. At first, I refused to believe that such thing had taken place, but it appears that, at least for once, what people were saying happened to be the truth. It looks like Abendzeitung has asked Lahm to comment on this matter, among other things.

About Breno’s tweet:

For us, it wasn’t a big deal. We know how things are, and I believe it makes a difference whether it is done by the German players such as Mario, Bastian, Thomas, me, or whether it is done by a foreign player like Breno. That was a little tweet, as one says, in which case he behaved as he would if he wrote to his best friend.

I’ve spoken to him about it and told him that one must be careful what he writes on a public domain. He then assured me  that there was nothing against FC Bayern, but that he was only disappointed that he wasn’t at the last training. Breno was understanding, and therefore, the matter is settled for us.

Then I recounted Breno’s explanation to the team because his German is not as fluent as mine.

Breno’s adjustment:

He is on top of things, always gives 100% in training. Obviously, it’s not that easy to come back to the team when a person has been injured for so long. But the whole team tries to help him, and I believe that we are succeeding.

The preparation:

Of course, we have trained well and have won all the friendlies. However, last year we also said that we had trained well, and my opinion is still the same. But then we had a bad second half of the season, so the good preparation was no longer there. It’s still the same: this year it will be considered a good preparation only if we win on Friday. 

The competitors for the title:

I think the main competitor will be Dortmund. They have been making the strongest impression and will duel us for the title till the end. I’m convinced that Gladbach won’t break, but whether or not they’ll remain standing at the top for the whole season is another question.

The upcoming away game in Mönchengladbach:

We want to have a good start in the second half of the season, which is crucial. Since we play on Fridays, we have an opportunity to send out a big message [to everyone] because all the other teams will still have to play. We want to show our competitors that once again we are here.

The absence of Frank Ribéry:

Sure, it is unfortunate that he won’t play because of his suspension as he is an important player for us and has recently been in very good shape. But a team like ours must be able to compensate. It’s delightful to see that Arjen Robben could train with us for the whole time and that Bastian Schweinsteiger is fit again.

Marco Reus:

He is an excellent football player who alone can decide an outcome of the game. But we are FC Bayern, we want to play our game and not look at individual players of an opposing team. I will certainly go up to him before the game to greet him, as one always does, being colleagues on the National Team. But in no way will I talk to him about his move to Dortmund, that’s not an issue. 

(translation © unavis)


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