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Lahm In Interview To “Frankfurter Rundschau”: Part III

Here is the last part of the interview. FR: Let’s talk about power. You are the most powerful football player in Germany since you lead the National Team and the most important club. Do you lead both teams in the same way? Advertisements

Lahm In Interview To “Frankfurter Rundschau”: Part II

I must apologize for such a long delay, but here it is. (The first part can be found here.) FR: At the early stage under Louis van Gaal, you gave an interview in which you defended the coach, who was under a lot of criticism, and criticized FC Bayern. You had to pay the unprecedented […]

Thinking About the First Two Matches

For almost two weeks now, I have been planing on writing about the first two matches of the second half of this season. While discussing games with other football fans, I cannot stop being amazed at how different opinions are. (Trivial. Yes, I know.) In that regard, it is curious to see that people, myself […]