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Löw Plans With Lahm As Left-Back

Here is another article that discuss the left-and-right issue.*whispering* I have to say I am loving this! Löw Plans With Lahm As Left-Back By Christof Kneer Although Philipp Lahm will play on the right for Bayern in the days to come, Joachim Löw, as he has told SZ, plans for him to play on the […]

Philipp Lahm’s Next Changeover

I do not think anyone could have imagined a better result against FC Basel than what Bayern achieved on Tuesday. It was magnificent! The speed, the creativity, the attitude, the skills… Everything was how it is supposed to be! Philipp, too, had a great game. According to SZ, he “accelerated the game like a bow […]

Lahm’s Interview To Yahoo!Eurosport

We Have A Clear Goal Before Our Eyes Before the match against Basel in the second round, Bayern’s captain Philipp Lahm speaks in this exclusive interview about chances and lays out the principles of success against the Swiss. Mr. Lahm, you’re going into this with the tailwind from the victory 7:1 against Hoffenheim. Was that […]

The K-Frage… The Saga Continues.

So… Here we go again. The captaincy issue is all over in the media. Michael Ballack has spoken. I am not sure why it is being present as “for the first time” because he has already expressed his opinion on the matter. In any case, for an hour or so, I debated if I should […]

“One Lahm Isn’t Enough”

As many already know, Lahm did not participate in the friendly against France on Wednesday. Bursitis in his right knee has bothered him for a week, so the doctor advised him to skip the game. Following Germany’s not-so-great display in the defense, SZ published the article that I, being a hardcore fan, could not overlook. Does […]

A Brief Remark

Lately, Bayern has been going through some rough time. It seems that this season people have even bigger expectations than they usually do. But I believe that it was quite naive to think that Bayern would instantly soar after the previous season’s disaster. Thus, I take things as they come. In my opinion, the team […]