A Brief Remark

Lately, Bayern has been going through some rough time. It seems that this season people have even bigger expectations than they usually do. But I believe that it was quite naive to think that Bayern would instantly soar after the previous season’s disaster. Thus, I take things as they come. In my opinion, the team is undergoing some sort of a transformation, and those things take time.

However, as soon as Bayern loses, questions about Lahm’s leadership arise, which I do find interesting since nobody seems to give him any credit if the teams wins. I, for the most part, have restrained from participating in those debates because all of it has been said and done more than once. The debates were especially passionate after the match against Basel, which Bayern had lost. With regard to that game, I am going to post a comment on Philipp’s performance in that match (from SZ ):

[Lahm] has stressful days behind him: finally got the double-sided poster from a sports magazine¹. Then [he] had to criticize his colleagues. Next, [he] had to read that FC Basel’s coach, Heiko Vogel, actually believed there was no such thing as the Bayern-gene.
Unbelievably active, from time to time [he] was simultaneously a winger and a defender, took two dangerous shots on goal. Won even heading duels. If somebody wants to convince Vogel of the existence of the Bayern-gene, he should present Philipp Lahm as an example.

(my translation)

¹The joke about a poster has to do with their earlier publications that I have mentioned in previous posts.

‘Nuff said.


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