“One Lahm Isn’t Enough”

As many already know, Lahm did not participate in the friendly against France on Wednesday. Bursitis in his right knee has bothered him for a week, so the doctor advised him to skip the game. Following Germany’s not-so-great display in the defense, SZ published the article thaI, being a hardcore fan, could not overlook. Does it emphasize, perhaps in a weird way, Lahm’s epic nature? Yes, I think it does. Hence, I feel the need to share it with the world. (On a side note, I am using the word “epic” in its current meaning, i.e. something relating to grandeur.)


One Lahm Isn’t Enough

By Thomas Hummel, Bremen

Lahm misses a game, the head coach of the German National Team, Joachim Löw, has a problem. Unlike all the other positions, the fullback’s position in the National Team isn’t set up well. The defeat against France was the latest proof. Lahm’s competition couldn’t make use of the opportunity. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Philipp Lahm wrote on his Facebook page, “I’ll follow the game on TV and am looking forward to a good display by the team.” The captain saw a rather poor performance by the team that evening. Also, what it, partly, came down to was that Philipp Lahm wasn’t there. 

From 2004 onward, the German Football Association (DFB) has been happy because they have been calling up [for the team] the 28-year-old resident of Munich since that time. For it is certain that his performance as a fullback ranges from good to very good. The DFB has occasionally gotten irritated because they can’t use this Lahm for two positions at the same time, one on the left and one on the right, due to the fact that another good-to-very-good fullback is nowhere to be found in the country. The situation becomes quite precarious, especially when even one Lahm isn’t available.

On Monday evening, when the team lost to France 1:2, Lahm was sitting at home in Munich, recovering from bursitis in his knee. His absence is even more apparent than the head coach would like it to be. Although he [Löw] would never say so, Lahm is, perhaps, the only player for whom he cannot find a replacement that would be nearly as good.


Miroslav Klose and the team will be happy at the European Championship if the position of a fullback is at least somewhat set up. First, that includes a healthy Philipp Lahm. Second, the craft of the head coach. He sees his main task, and rightfully so, in improving the team’s work in defense. It makes the life of defenders easier and allows to hide some weaknesses. However, the detailed question, i.e. who will cover the other side in addition to Lahm, will have to be resolved by the head coach before his third tournament.

(translation © unavis)


Like I have said, epic.


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