The K-Frage… The Saga Continues.

So… Here we go again. The captaincy issue is all over in the media. Michael Ballack has spoken. I am not sure why it is being present as “for the first time” because he has already expressed his opinion on the matter. In any case, for an hour or so, I debated if I should write about it. As a result, here I am with a post.

To make the long story short, Ballack believes in the conspiracy between Lahm and Löw. In particular, he says that he wanted to come to South Africa, and if I understand it correctly,

“after I left, on that very same day, an interview with Lahm comes out. In that kind of situation, one doesn’t simply, for no reason, give an interview. One has to talk to the coach in order to go out on a limb like that. That’s what my gut tells me,” says the 35-year-old. “The situation was a little weird for me.”

(my translation)

Then he adds that he has not spoken with Lahm about it because one has to give the issue a rest.

Alright. First of all, I have a question. Being a human and all, I admit that I might have missed something, but… What interview is he referring to? As far as I remember, it was not the interview. It was a typical prior-to-the-match press conference that had been scheduled well in advance. It was also a question asked by one of the journalists and then repeated by four more people or so. An interview vs. a typical press conference. If you ask me, it does make a difference. Unless, of course, the DFB actually ordered that journalist to ask the question. Second, if it is necessary to give the issue a rest, why not to do so? For real.

I am not going to defend Lahm for the n-th time. On top of everything, to talk about giving the armband back to somebody who was not even on the team would have been “a little weird”.

PS.: I would not be surprised if the media asked Lahm to comment.

If any of you saw the whole interview on Sky, please share what the context was, etc. I have not seen it, so I am working just with what I have in the press. Thank you.


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