Löw Plans With Lahm As Left-Back

Here is another article that discuss the left-and-right issue.*whispering* I have to say I am loving this!

Löw Plans With Lahm As Left-Back

By Christof Kneer

Although Philipp Lahm will play on the right for Bayern in the days to come, Joachim Löw, as he has told SZ, plans for him to play on the left at the European Championship. At the moment, he sees no reason for changing the successful formation, and what happens after the Championship, he leaves it up in the air.

The lineup of FC Bayern is fundamentally a matter of national interest, but on Tuesday there were even more curious observers than usual. In addition to spectators, journalists, and adversarial scouts, the full-time left-backs of the Bundesliga, above all, dared to throw a couple of furtive side-glances at Munich’s tactical formation.

In the end, the side-glances gave the desired result, it was impossible to ignore: Philipp Lahm played as right-back, as he had done before against Hoffenheim and against Freiburg in the second half. And what he said after the game sounded even more encouraging for the left-backs in the country: Lahm hinted at the fact that he will probably continue to play on the right.

For him, it’s only a couple of small steps to the other side, but for the mankind, it’s a big step. At least for that part of the mankind that consists of the German left-backs.

Recently, whenever Lahm changed sides, he left behind winners and losers. Each changeover fueled new hopes and raised new fears because it was as following: if Lahm played on the left, he blocked that position in the National Team for everyone else; then, unexpectedly, right-backs as Andreas Beck or Sascha Riether could make a career. If Lahm played on the right, as he did at the World Cup 2010, the Becks and Riethers weren’t needed anymore unlike the left-backs for whom the nationwide search was going on.

At last, the wingjumper has come to rest, he played on the left, supposedly permanently, which inspired the head coach, Joachim Löw, to try Jérôme Boateng, Benedikt Höwedes, and Christian Träsch as right-backs. And now, all of a sudden, Lahm plays again on the right for Bayern – eight weeks before Löw’s squad goes off to a training camp in Sardinia. Right after Bayern’s 7:0 win over Basel, the following question was raised: And now? What is Löw going to do now?

“With regard to the European Championship, Bayern’s plans shouldn’t affect us,” Löw told SZ on Thursday, “that won’t play any role.” Since the beginning of this season, Löw’s eleven has competed with Lahm playing on the left, and he [the coach] has “no reason to change anything to begin with.” Löw would be confident enough to re-balance his team during the preparation stage, but he sees no reason to do so at the present. His team works, “and whether or not that’s Bayern’s permanent solution, Lahm on the right and Alaba on the left, one should wait and see.”

That’s not such good news for the left-backs of the league. Dortmund’s Marcel Schmelzer and Hamburg’s  Dennis Aogo remain rivals for the place, behind Lahm, they have no chance of being in the starting line-up. Again, other left-backs, such as Schulz from Hannover, Schäfer from Wolfsburg, Jansen from Hamburg, lost hope to travel to the European Championship at least as back-ups for Schmelzer and Aogo.

However, no one should advise the left-backs to hurry up and finish their careers. Löw will soon meet with Jupp Heynckes to get an idea of whether Bayern is serious about the recent change of position.

Löw is an independent coach, he doesn’t allow the league to dictate anything when it comes to players, but in Lahm’s case, he has always insisted that he orients himself by the position at which Lahm plays in the club. 

His captain is too important to him. “When he constantly changes flanks, it’s not easy even for Philipp,” says Löw. It wouldn’t please him if Lahm played one half of the season (FC Bayern) on the right and the other half (the National Team) on the left. If Lahm continues to permanently play on the right for Bayern, then he [Löw] has to “also consider” how he is going to react.

Should Lahm stay on the right, Löw would reconsider those [previous mentioned] options, and the left-backs in the country may have a thin ray of hope but only after the European Championship. The way it looks now, there is only one way to deal with Lahm’s changes of position: Löw should finally convince his captain to play simultaneously on both sides.

(translation © unavis)


I have to say that I really liked the article ’cause this is SO true. I do agree though about the change of position. It is not so much the side that matters, but the time spent playing on that side. It might be difficult to adjust all the time.

Lahm is epic.


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