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The Captain As A Student

Die Welt has published a series of articles that talk about the National Team. In particular, they focus on the player’s childhood, and there are certainly some interesting stories. Without further ado, here is one about Lahm in his teenage years. I found it to be insightful and interesting, and I am happy that we […]

The Interim

The Champions League Final 2012 took place more than a week ago. The European Championship has not started yet. We are in this twilight zone between two major competitions, letting go of the past, thanking it for all the good things, and looking forward to the future, expecting greatness. Hence, I am going to take […]

A Press Conference With Lahm: A brief overview

The European Championship is coming closer, and I can feel the excitement. Today Lahm attended a press conference for the National Team. He looked sharp. (And it looks like he’s got some tan, which is good. He looks well-rested.) When asked about the Champions League, Lahm pointed out that stuff like that happens. You win, […]

Rummenigge Disagrees With Lahm

I think I have already gotten used to the fact that Lahm’s words quite often have some kind of resonance. But that is a good thing, isn’t it? It means they matter, and that is wonderful. It does surprise me though every time.  First, it was Platini who responded to Lahm’s “criticism”. Now, it is […]

And That’s Why He Is the Best

The football season at the club level has come to an end. It is only natural that people take a look back, trying to decide who played the best. I would be lying if I said that seeing Philipp’s name being praised does not make me extremely happy. (Some people are not that foolish after […]

Lahm’s Interview With Spiegel

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about Lahm’s interview with Spiegel in which he talked about his point of view regarding the current situation in Ukraine. Here is a link to the full interview which has been translated by Josh Ward:

Platini Reacts To Lahm’s Previous Statement

So, Michel Platini finally expressed his point of view on the whole “boycott the European Championship in Ukraine” thing, which means that now we have clarity. It was his reaction to Lahm’s previous statement. (You can read about it here in case you have missed it.) UEFA’s president Michel Platini repelled the demand of Germany’s […]